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The Roman Occupations of Scotland : The Evidence of Samian WareB.R. Hartley1!
The Roman Fort at Nanstallon, CornwallAileen Fox & William Ravenhill56!
A Roman Building at Chalk, near GravesendDavid E. Johnston112
How Long Did Vespasian Serve in Britain?D.E. Eichholz149*
Templum Divo Claudio ConstitutumDuncan Fishwick164
Hadrian's Wall : Some ProblemsDavid J. Breeze & Brian Dobson182
The Origin of Some Ancient British Coin TypesMartin Henig209
Ironwork Hoards in Iron Age and Roman BritainW.H. Manning224
The Conservation of Romano-British Painted PlasterNorman Davey251
A Short Survey of the Roman Coins Found on Fourteen Sites in BritainRichard Reece269
Vortigern and the End of Roman BritainJohn H. Ward277


The Roman Fort at Great Chesterford, Essex by Warwick Rodwell (290)
A Further Note on the Caistor St. Edmund Intaglio by Dr. Anne Ross (293)
The Caistor Intaglio by Prof. S.S. Frere (295)

Roman Britain in 1971

Sites Explored
by D.R. Wilson (298)


CAERNARVONSHIRE - (1) Cae Metta, Llandeiniolen, enclosure with huts occupied mid-3rd to 4th C. (SH 536650): p.299; (2) Caernarfon/Segontium, excavation outside NE gate of fort (SH 485624): p.299.

MONTGOMERYSHIRE (1) The Breiddin hillfort, 4th C. occupation & refortification (SJ 292144): pp.299/300.

CARDIGANSHIRE (1) Llanio/Bremia bath-house (SN 644562): p.300.

GLAMORGANSHIRE - (1) Llantwit Major villa (SS 958699): p.300; (2) Loughor/Leucarum fort (SS 564980): pp.300-302 & fig.2.

MONMOUTHSHIRE - (1) Caerwent/Venta Silurum, NW external angle-tower (ST 467907): p.302; (2) Usk/Burrium Claudian fort E gate (SO 379007): p.302.


ANGUS - (1) Cardean, Airlie, SE gateway (NO 289460): p.302; (2) West Mains of Ethie, Inverkeilor, promontory fort, Romano-British ooccupation (NO 693460): pp.302/3.

PERTHSHIRE - (1) Dunblane - Ardoch Roman road, Kinbuck Moor, Dunblane (NN 806054): p.303; (2) Gask Ridge Roman road, Kirkhill, Trinity Gask (NN 965188): p.303.

STERLINGSHIRE - (1) Stirling Roman road (NS 793919 - NS 792928): p.303.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Bonnyside, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, section of Wall (NS 837798): p.303; (2) Falkirk, Arnot Street, negative findings (NS 891795): p.303; (3) Balmuildy, Lanarkshire, section across Wall (NS 581718): p.303; (4) Carleith, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, examination of Wall (NS 480730): pp.303/4.

MIDLOTHIAN - (1) Cramond, Edinburgh, evidence of civil settlement S of fort (NT 190767): p.304; (2) Inveresk, St Michael's Kirk, vicus outside E gate of fort (NT 344720): p.304.

LANARKSHIRE - (1) Cleghorn marching-camp (NS 911460): p.304.

DUMFRIESSHIRE - (1) Barburgh Mill, Closeburn, Antonine Fortlet (NX 903884): p.304 & fig.3 p.305.



NORTHUMBERLAND - (1) Chesterholm/Vindolanda ...

by R.P. Wright & M.W.C. Hassall (352)


  1. Wanborough, Wiltshire - Lead defixio (curse tablet) inscribed on one side in a cursive Latin script (SU194853): "I beg ... that you do not allow him to drink nor eat nor sleep nor walk and that you do not allow any part to remain of him or of the family from which he springs." (lines 3-5 of the tablet translated by J. Rea in Britannia III (1972) Appendix; pp.363-367).
  2. Cirencester/Corinium, Gloucestershire - oolitic limestone tombstone found with two others in 1971 during demolition work at School Lane (SP028012): D • M|AVRELIVS|INGENNVS •|VIX(IT) • ANNIS • VI|EX • MESEX|AVRELIVS|ECTICIANVS|• PAR(ENS) • POSSV(I)T •.
  3. Cirencester - oolitic limestone tombstone: D • M|NEMOM|NI • VERECVNDI|VIX(IT) • AN(NOS) LXXV • H(ERES) • PO(SVIT) •.
  4. Cirencester - oolitic limestone tombstone: D • M |[LV]C PETR|ONIVS VIX(IT)|ANNOS • XXXX|COMITINV[S]|POSS[....
  5. Gloucester/Glevum, Gloucestershire - Broken oolitic limestone block found in 1971 in a trench at Kings Walk (SO834186): COH[...]|I[...]|[...].
  6. Colchester/Camulodunum, Essex - The left-hand part of a broken, blueish limestone statuette base was found in 1971 in a post-Medieval pit (TL995251): DEO A[... or DEO M[....
  7. Brigstock, Northamptonshire - Part of a bronze letter T was found in 1970 south-west of Building#3 (SP961858).
  8. Shakenoak Villa, North Leigh - Part of a buff sandstone altar bearing a carved relief of a Genius figure was found in 1969 in a Saxon ditch (SP374138): [I] O M|[...].
  9. Caerwent/Venta Silurum, Monmouthshire - Red sandstone altar found in a sewer trench behind the Ship Inn in 1971 (ST470905): GENI(O)|VVLS|.]O[...]I[..
  10. Usk/Burrium, Monmouthshire - A broken sandstone tombstone was found in 1970 re-used within the late-2nd/early-3rd century surface of the main east-west road through the camp (SO379007): ...]DI[...|...]XX|[...].
  11. Corbridge/Corstopitum, Northumberland - part of a buff sandstone inscription found ion the west granary (NY982649) sometime during or before 1934 though only recognised in 1971: ...]R[...]I|[...]O •.
  12. West of Turret 29a, Black Carts, Hadrian's Wall - buff sandstone building stone found in 1971 fallen on the north side of the Wall 270 feet (c.82m) west of T.29a (NY 8835 7132): COH I|> POM • RVFI|PRIN PRI|MI.
  13. Chesterholm/Vindolanda, Northumberland - Buff sandstone building stone found in 1971 fallen from the wall near the west gate of the fort (NY770663): TIRONES|PROB[ATI]|[...]M|CVRA[....
  14. Chesterholm - Part of a voussoir-stone of buff sandstone found in 1971 in the bath-house of the vicus: ...]XIII.
  15. Carvoran/Magnis, Northumberland - Part of a buff sandstone altar found in 1971 at Carvoran Farm (NY667658): [•D]EO•.
  16. Cramond, - Part of a sandstone altar found in 1961 amongst Antonine blocking-material between Buildings A and B in the praetentura of the fort (NT1977): [...]|TVLI INVE[...].

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. Carrawburgh/Brocolitia, - Six tegulae tiles were found near the fort in 1971 (NY859711), each bearing all or part of the stamp: LEGVIV.
  1. Chesterholm/Vindolanda - Lead sealing found among unstratified material in the vicus (NY770663): COIIP - CO[hors] II P[annoniorum]; the reverse bears the stamp CR in retrograde.
  1. York/Eburacum - Parts of three tegulae stamps found in 1971 outside the fortress interval tower (NE#6; SE606521): a.) LE[G...]; b.) [...]HISP; c.) [...H]ISP.
  1. Holt/Bovium, Denbighshire - Many pieces of broken tegulae tiles were found after ploughing in 1971 (SJ405545), some of which bore all or part of the stamp: LEGXXVV.
  1. Caerleon/Isca Silurum, Monmouthshire - Many imbrex and tegula tiles were found during excavations in the principia in 1968-9 (ST340906), including an imbrex stamped: ANTO, and a brick stamped: LEGIIAVG within a frame.