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The Forum and Basilica of Roman LeicesterMax Hebditch & Jean Mellor1
Brantingham Roman Villa : Discoveries in 1962Joan Liversidge, D.J. Smith & I.M. Stead84
Sarapis and Tutela : A Silchester CoincidenceGeorge C. Boon107
The Roman Villa at Rivenhall, Essex : An Interim ReportWarwick & Kirsty Rodwell115
A Roman Lime Kiln at Weekley, NorthantsD.A. Jackson128!
Leather Found in Mediobogdum, the Roman Fort of HardknottDorothy Charlesworth & J.H. Thornton141!
Two Examples of Late Iron-age and Early Roman Metalwork from South LincolnshireC.N. Moore153
The Distribution and Dating of New Forest PotteryMichael Fulford160
Petillius Cerialis and the Conquest of BrigantiaA.R. Birley179*
The Roman Army in Britain and Britons in the Roman ArmyB. Dobson and J.C. Mann191*
Numeri Barcariorum: A Note on RIB 601D.C.A. Shotter206
A Group of Late Roman City Walls in Gallia BelgicaStephen Johnson210
The Legionary Antoninianus of AllectusN. Shiel224
Roman Coinage in the Western EmpireRichard Reece227
The British Sections of the Notitia Dignitatum: An Alternative InterpretationCpt. John Hester Ward253!


Tacitean usage and the temple of divus Claudius by Prof. Duncan Fishwick (264)
An Unusual Pottery Bowl from Kelvedon, Essex by Warwick Rodwell (265)
Some Fragments of Decorated Daub from Ashill, Norfolk by A. Gregory (268)

Roman Britain in 1972

Sites Explored
by D.R. Wilson (271)


CARDIGANSHIRE - (1) Llanio/Bremia fort, internal roadways and buildings (SN 644564): p.271.

CARMARTHENSHIRE - (1) Dolaucothi, Cynwyl Gaeo, gold mines (SN 665403): p.271; (2) Pumpsaint, Dolaucothi Arms Hotel, Cynwyl Gaeo, auxiliary fort identified (SN 656406): p.272.

MONMOUTHSHIRE - (1) Abergavenny/Gobannium, The Orchard, Roman rampart with two structural phases (SO 298141): p.272; (2) Caerleon/Isca, St Cadoc's Hospital, sandstone head from cemetery W of fortress (ST 328909): p.272 & plate.XXXVa; (3) Usk/Burrium, Claudian fort of 10 acres/4 ha (SO 378006): p.272.


KINCARDINESHIRE - (1) Dalladies, Fettercairn, possible 'ritual' site (NO 626673): p.273.

ANGUS - (1) Cardean, Airlie, Vespasianic? barracks within fort (NO 289460): p.273.

PERTHSHIRE - (1) Roundlaw, Trinity Gask, signal-station (NN 958189): p.273.

STIRLINGSHIRE - (1) St. Ninians Roman road (NS 803889): p.273; (2) Stirling Roman road, Margary#9a (NS 792928): p.273.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Camelon, Stirlingshire, civil occupation outside fort (NS 864807): pp.273/4; (2) Seabegs Place Farm, Falkirk, base of Wall (NS 818795): p.274; (3) Watling Lodge, Falkirk, fortlet (NS 862797): p.274 & fig.2.

MIDLOTHIAN - (1) Eskbank, Dalkeith, marching-camps (NT 321668): p.275.

RENFREWSHIRE - (1) Barochan hill-fort, Agricolan military occupation (NS 412690): p.275.



NORTHUMBERLAND - (1) Carvoran ...

by R.P. Wright & M.W.C. Hassall (324)


  1. Cirencester/Corinium, Gloucestershire - Top half of altar of oolitic limestone found in 1972 at Price's Row, Watermoor Road (SP028012): DEO MER(CVRIO)‌ET MATRI(BVS).
  2. Uley, Gloucestershire - Fragment of lead defixio tablet found after ploughing on the site of the substantial Roman building on West Hill (ST790996): a.) [...]‌r]ogo laqu[...‌c]ommun[...; b.) ]as date ///[...‌]summam div[...‌[...].
  3. Old Harlow, Essex - Lead sheet, inscribed and folded into a concertina was found in a pit together with 3rd/4th century pottery at Holbrooks (TL470127): a.) Mio M(ercurio) dono ti(bi)‌negotium Et-‌ern(a)e et ipsam,‌nec sit i(n)vidi(a) me(i)‌Timotneo san-‌gui(n)e suo; b.) Dono tibi‌Mercurius‌aliam neg[o-‌tium NAVIN‌...‌NII[...‌MIN[...]SANG[.‌SVO.
  4. Godmanchester/Durovigutum, Huntingdonshire - The lower part of a bronze votive feather found with 3rd century rubbish blocking the aqueduct of the baths attached to the mansio (TL246704): DEO‌ABAND‌[I]NO VAT‌IAVCVS‌D(E) S(VO) D(EDIT).
  5. York/Eburacum, - White magnesian limestone altar found in Parliament Street in 1971 (SE604518): GENIO‌LOCI • Q •‌CREPEREI‌VS MAR‌CVS P(OSVIT).
  6. York - Magnesian limestone inscribed Roman building stone found encorporated in a wall outside the north-west tower of York Minster in 1971 (SE603522): VIT.
  7. Ebchester/Vindomora, - Fragmentary inscription on buff limestone found in 1972 inside the south-east corner of the fort (NZ104554): ...]NDE[...‌... PE]R • AS[....
  8. West of Turret 29a, Hadrian's Wall, Black Carts, Northumberland - Buff sandstone building stone found in the south face of Hadrian's Wall 36 feet (11m) west of T.29a (NZ 8843 7129): COH VI‌•GELLI P(H)ILIPPI.
  9. West of Turret 29a - Buff sandstone building stone found in the north face of Hadrian's Wall 200 feet (61m) west of T.29a(NY 8840 7130): COH • I •‌[>]NAS • BA.
  10. Chesterholm/Vindolanda, Northumberland - Buff sandstone altar found in the vicus to the south of the fort in 1972 (NY770663): DEO • MO‌GVNTI ET‌GENIO LO‌CI‌LVPVL(VS)‌[V] S M.
  11. Chesterholm - Buff sandstone altar found in a 4th century storehouse in 1972: DIBVS VE‌TERIBVS‌POS(VIT) LONGI‌NVS.
  12. Chesterholm - Buff sandstone altar found in a 4th century storehouse in 1972: VETERI‌BVS PO[S]‌VIT SEN‌ILIS.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. Ebchester/Vindomora, Durham - Two fragments of tegulae found in floor-packing of building inside the south-east corner of the fort in 1972 (NZ104554): a.) LEG V[I]; b.) [LE]G VI V.