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The Roman Fortress at LongthorpeS.S. Frere and J.K. St. Joseph1!
The Roman Fortlet at Barburgh Mill, DumfriesshireDavid J. Breeze130!
The Roman Fort at Cramond, Edinburgh - Excavations 1954-1966Alan & Viola Rae163!
The Llantwit Major Villa: A reconsideration of the evidenceA.H.A. Hogg225
Romano-British Villas from the AirD.R. Wilson251
Types of Late Belgic and Early Romano-British Pottery Kilns in the Nene ValleyP.J. Woods262
Villae in urbibus?J.S. Wacher282
Agricola's Fleet and Portus TrucculensisJ.G.F. Hind285*
Carpow and CaracallaR.P. Wright289
Coin Hoards and the Chronology of the Gallic EmperorJ.F. Drinkwater293
The Date of the 'Barbarian Conspiracy'Roger Tomlin303
Spectroscopy and a Roman Cremation from Sompting, SussexC.J. Ainsworth & H.B.A. Ratcliffe-Densham310
Haltwhistle Burn, Corstopitum and the Antonine Wall: A ReconsiderationGrace Simpson317!
Some Marketing Models for Romano-British Coarse PotteryIan Hodder340
Roman Military Records from VindolandaAlan K. Bowman360!


A Coin of Tasciovanus by Dr. Martin Henig (374)
The End of Ermine Street at the South Shore of the Humber by D.N. Riley (375)
Lead Sealing from Old Winteringham, Lincolnshire by Roger Goodburn (377)
A Note on the Broadbridge (Sussex) Hoard by P.J. Connor (379)
A Marble Cockerell from the Bradwell Roman Villa, Buckinghamshire by Miranda J. Green (381)
A Coin of Valentinian III from Wroxeter by John Casey (383)
Some recent finds of Late Roman Buckles by Sonia Hawkes (386)
A Christian Monogram from Richborough, Kent by Dr. Kevin Greene (393)

Roman Britain in 1973

Sites Explored
by D.R. Wilson (396)


ANGLESEY - (1) Rhosgogh-Stanlow, Iron-Age/Romano-British circular huts: p.397; (2) Aberffraw, possible Roman fort beneath modern town (SH 354689): p.397.

CAERNARVONSHIRE - (1) Cae Metta, enclosed hut group (SH 533648): p.398.

FLINTSHIRE - (1) Prestatyn, Meadows Estate, mid-2nd C. Roman occupation (SJ 061817): p.398; (2) Rhuddlan: 2nd-3rd C. pottery (SJ 026778), buried field surface (SJ 028776), Twt Hill, R-B settlement (SJ 026776): p.398.

MONTGOMERYSHIRE - (1) Llanbrynmair - Carno Roman road, Trannon Moor (SN 998947 - SN 923956): p.398.

CARMARTHENSHIRE - (1) Pumpsaint fort, N defences and principia of fort and vicus to S (SN 656406): p.398 & fig.2 p.399.

MONMOUTHSHIRE - (1) Abergavenny/Gobannium fort, 2-phase clay, turf and timber rampart (SO 298141): p.400; (2) Monmouth, Wyebridge Street, iron-working furnaces (SO5012): p.400.

CARDIGANSHIRE - (1) Llanio fort, 2-phase defences, 3-phase internal buildings (SN 644564): p.400.

GLAMORGAN - (1) Cae Summerhouse, Tythegston, I-A/R-B farmstead, late-1st to mid-4th C. occupation (SS 864779): p.400; (2) Loughor/Leucarum, excavations in W half of fort, samian ware in marshes S of fort (SS 5635 9799): p.401; (3) Usk/Burrium, Old Cattle Market, internal roads and buildings of fortress c.55AD, buildings of Flavian fort c.66-70AD (SO 378006): pp.401/2.


ANGUS - (1) Cardean, Airlie, Agricolan fort granary, Iron-Age occupation (NO 289460): p.402.

PERTHSHIRE - (1) Bertha, Almond Bridge, Redgorton, turf rampart (NO 096268): p.402; (2) Lake of Menteith Roman road running W from fort (NS 563001 - NS 563991): p.402; (3) Strageath, Muthill, section through E turf defences (NM 898180): p.402 & figs.3/4 pp.403/4.

STIRLINGSHIRE - (1) Camelon, bath-house in south fort (NS 865806): p.405.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Bearsden, New Kilpatrick, 2¾-acre (1.2-ha) Wall fort (NS 545721): p.405 & fig.5 p.406; (2) Bearsden, Thorn Road, New Kilpatrick, section across Wall (NS 541721): p.405; (3) Antonine Wall sections across curtain wall at: Balmuildy (NS 588718), Beancross (NS 924796), Tamfourhill (NS 861798), Seabegs Place Farm (NS 818795): pp.405/7; (4) Inveravon, Roman ford across River Avon on line of Wall (NS 950796): p.407.

RENFREWSHIRE - (1) Whitemoss, Kilmalcolm, Roman road (NS 376723 - NS 362719): p.407.

LANARKSHIRE - (1) Wiston Roman road (NS 897304 - NS 944323), and ford (NS 832288): p.407.

AYRSHIRE - (1) East Fordibbon Hill Roman road (NS 719207 - NS 650169 & NS 600179): p.407.

DUMFRIESSHIRE - (1) Boonies, R-B enclosure with 11 timber-built round-houses (NY 306900): p.407.



COUNTY DURHAM - (1) South Shields/Arbeia ...

by R.P. Wright & M.W.C. Hassall (461)


  1. Cirencester/Corinium, Gloucestershire - Funerary inscription of oolitic limestone found at Phoenix Way in 1973: ...]VLM[...‌ANNOR[VM...‌H(IC) S(ITVS) E(ST)‌C]VRA(M) A[GENT(E)‌...]VLA C[ONIV(GE).
  2. Brancaster/Branodunum, Norfolk - Bronze ansate plate found in 1973 top the west of the fort (TS779439): DEO‌HER(CVLI).
  3. Piercebridge, Durham - Buff sandstone altar found in 1973 at Tofts Field (NZ 2114 1566): DIIO‌VIIT‌ERI.
  4. Halton Chesters/Onnum, Northumberland - Buff sandstone fragment found in the centre of the fort, possibly a dedication to IOM Dolichenus: ...] I O [....
  5. Halton Chesters - Part of a monumental slab, re-used as a flag-stone in the praetorium (NZ997684): ...]ONIV[...‌...LE]G . VI . V[....
  6. Halton Chesters - Buff sandstone tombstone in two parts found in 1973 at the centre of the fort: Gable: VI‌TA‌LIS; Die: [.]M‌[...]M POSV‌[...V]IRILIS E‌[...]S . VI‌[...]VOS‌[....
  7. West of Turret 29a, Hadrian's Wall - Buff sandstone building stone found in 1973 in the north face of the Wall, 72m west of T.29a (NY 8845 7140): ...]CRE[...‌‌L. LABRI‌[....
  8. Chesterholm/Vindolanda, Northumberland - Buff sandstone building stone found in a modern field wall to the west of the vicus (NY769663): XVI - evidently a masons mark.
  9. Birdoswald/Camboglanna, Cumberland - Buff sandstone altar with rectangular focus found at Birdoswald sometime between 1729 and 1741 and taken to Scaleby Castle: [D] E O‌NEP[T]VNO‌REGINIVS‌IVSTINVS‌TRIBVNVS‌[V]OTVM‌LIBENS‌SOLVIT‌ME[RITO].
  10. Castlesteads/Uxellodunum, Cumberland - RIB 1977; Red sandstone altar with round focus: DEO.S.BE‌LATVCA[D]‌RO A(R)V(LAM).DO[N(AVIT)]‌VLLINVS V(OTO) S(OLVTO).
  11. Castlesteads - RIB 1992; Red sandstone altar [no textual details].
  12. Castlesteads - Red sandstone altar: DEO.S[....

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. Melandra Castle/Ardotalia, Glossop - Part of a tegula tile was found in 1972 about 21m north of the fort (SK009950), stamped: C.III.B[R] - Cohors III Bracaraugustanorum.
  1. Lancaster/Calunium, Lancashire - Oval lead sealing found in Vicarage Field in 1973 (SD473620): Obverse in rectangle: ALS - Ala Sebosiana; Reverse in rectangle: IPD.
  2. Lancaster - Part of a tegula found in 1973 at Mitre Yard near the eastern gateway of the Flavian-Trajanic fort (SD475619): ...]BVSIA.
  3. Lancaster - Fragments of tegulae found in a heated room below the 4th century Wery Wall: ALSBVSA.
  1. York/Eburacum, Yorkshire - Tile-stamps found during the 1967-73 excavations beneath York Minster (SE603522): [LEG VI]VIC.ANT; also: LEGIO VI - where the I is ligatured through the centre of the G.
  1. York - Another fragment of tegula tile was inscribed with the graffito: XP - Chi-rho, with the P ligatured into the axis of the X.