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The Forum of Roman London, 1968-9B.J. Philp1
Colchester Fortress and ColoniaP. Crummy65
The Honeyditches Villa, SeatonH. Miles107
The Biglands Milefortlet, CumberlandT. Potter149!
A first-century fort near GosbecksD.R. Wilson185!
Sites at Kirmington and FarnsfieldD.N. Riley189
Gold-in-Glass BeadsG.C. Boon193
Brampton, Norfolk: interim reportA.K. Knowles209
A Mansio at WanboroughB. Philips & B. Walters223
The Genounian part of BritainJ.G.F. Hind229
Bricks of the Classis BritannicaD.P.S. Peacock235!
The Ala I and Cohors I BritannicaD. Kennedy249*
Arrowheads from Dinorben and the SagittariiJ.L. Davies257
Afeco of Old CarlisleR.W. Davies271
Tile Stamps from Lincoln and Legion V AlaudaeJ.E. Bogaers275!
A Roman Vetinary Physician from the Thames ValleyR.P. Wright279
Carausius and Allectus - rulers in Gaul?P.J. Casey283
Britain A.D. 406-410A. Thompson393
Famosa Pestis and fifth-century BritainM. Todd319
Viticulture in Roman BritainD. Williams327
Two Mirrors from CorbridgeG. Lloyd-Morgan335
Garden Hill, Sussex: interim reportJ.H. Money339


A Marble Head from Crondall, Hampshire by Martin Millett (351)
An unusual sherd from Cambridge by David M. Browne (352)

Roman Britain in 1976

I Sites Explored
by S.S. Frere (356)


CAERNARVONSHIRE [GWYNEDD] - (1) Cernarvon/Segontium: (i) 4th C. bath-house in SE corner of praetentura (SH 483625), (ii) stores depot c.300 m W. of fort occupied c. 100-130 (SH 482626): pp.356-8 & fig.2; (2) Pen Llystyn, samian bowl of PATERCLIM c.100-125 (SH 4815 4497): p.358.

FLINTSHIRE - (1) Flint, Pentre Ffwrndan: (i) late-2nd C. bath-house (SJ 255723), (ii) parch-marks of Roman road (SJ 258717), (iii) furnace loaded with limestone & charcoal (SJ 253722): p.358; (2) Prestatyn, St. Chads, fort defenses of triple ditch fronting a clay rampart with single-phase timber buildings (SJ 061819): pp.358/9 & fig.3.

RADNORSHIRE [POWYS] - (1) Walton, Hindwell Farm fort, Neronian occupation (SO 2570 6058): p.360.

CARMARTHENSHIRE [DYFED] - (1) Carmarthen, Church Street, S civil defences & 3rd/4th C. occupation (SN 451201): p.360.

GLAMORGAN - (1) Cardiff Castle, Neronian/late-Flavian timber buildings (ST 181766): p.360.

MONMOUTHSHIRE [GWENT] - (1) Kemys Inferior, Great Bulmore, 3rd-C. building (ST 361915): p.360.


PERTHSHIRE [TAYSIDE] - (1) Carpow fortress, causeway to S gate & buttressed granary (NO 208179): p.361; (2) Strageath, fort retentura displays three-phases, Flavian & Antonine I/II (NM 898180): p.361 & figs.4/5 pp.362/3; (3) Lake of Menteith - Bochastle Roman road (NN 580046 - 573040 - 568032 - 567017): p.361.

STIRLINGSHIRE - (1) Camelon excavations in Flavian 'South' fort (NS 863807): pp.362-4; (2) Fairy Knowe, Buchlyvie, broch R-B occupation (NS 585): p.364. (3) Lake of Menteith - Carbeth Hill Roman road (NS 545917 - 535902 - 532899 - 520880 - 517877 - 514875): p.364;

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Inveravon, West Lothian, Wall ditch (NS 958797): p.364; (2) Falkirk, Bantaskin House, Stirlingshgire, Wall destroyed (NS 873800): p.364; (3) Dullatur, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, marching-camp (NS 746767): p.364; (4) Croy Hill, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, traces of civil settlement E of fort (NS 734765): pp.364/5; (5) Cadder, Lanarkshire, Wall ditch (NS 616726): p.365; (6) Bearsden, New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, praetentura and praetorium of fort, E annexe ditch (NS 545721): p.365 & figs.6/7 pp.366/7; (7) Bearsden Wall base (NS 561724): p.365.

MIDLOTHIAN - (1) Inveresk civil settlement E of fort (NT 345720): pp.365-7.

WEST LOTHIAN - (1) Cramond, Edinburgh, bath-house N of fort (NT 190770): pp.368-70 & fig.8.

LANARKSHIRE [STRATHCLYDE] - (1) Bothwellhaugh fort bath-house (NS 729578): p.370 & fig.9 p.369.

AYRSHIRE - (1) Loudoun Hill - Barochan Roman road: stream-crossing (NS 579389), cambered tracks (595391-593394 and 585428-578437), Myres Farm (NS 565465): pp.370/371.



CO. DURHAM - (1) South Shields/Arbeia ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (426)


  1. London/Londinium, Huggin Hill (TQ 323809): Purbeck Marble fragment found 1969 in destruction levels of bath-house: ...DI or ...BI. p.426.
  2. ibid., London Bridge, Southwark (TQ 328803): Pennant Sandstone slab fragment found 1969 in 2nd-C. context: ...]I F[.... p.426.
  3. Canterbury/Durovernum, Cakebread Robey, Kent (TR 147577): sheet bronze fragment found 1976 in destruction level of large building in town centre: ...]SCR[.... p.426.
  4. Dover/Dubris, Kent (TR 318414): Sandstone altar found 1976 near the 'Painted House': ST CO[S] • OL COR[DIVS] ‌ CANDID [MAT]‌RIB ITALIC[IS] ‌ AEDEM [FE]CIT VS[LM]. pp.426/7.
  5. Cirencester/Corininum, St. Michael's Field, Admira's Walk, Gloucestershire (SP 026016): Purbeck Marble fragment found 1975 re-used in late-2nd C. fill: ...]ILII[...‌...]VID[.... p.427.
  6. Kingscote, Gloucestershire? (ST 807957): oolitic limestone altar fragment found 1974/5 during field-walking: GOB[... ‌ RCI[.... p.427.
  7. Colchester/Camulodunum, St. Helena's School (TL 988258): Ansate bronze plaque found 1976 within temenos of Romano-British temple (Colchester 2); punched lettering: P ORANIVS ‌ FACILIS IOVI ‌ SIGILLVM EX TESTA. p.427 & plate.XXVIIc.
  8. ibid., Balkerne Lane (TL 992252): top-left part of marble slab found 1975 in 3rd-4th C. context: M[EMORIAE ‌ C♥S[...‌RO[...‌...]I[.... pp.427/8.
  9. Lincoln/Lindum, St. Martin's Church (SK 974708): two fragments of gabled Lincolnshire Limestone tombstone found 1976 W of Ermine Street S of city defences: DIS MA]N S ‌ [...]MARI...‌...]NVSI[...‌...]MOSA[...‌ANNO]RVM‌[...]CVRIO‌[...]CV. p.428 & plate.XXVIIa.
  10. ibid., Newport Cemetery NE of Newport Gate (SK 9798 7260): fragment of gabled sandstone altar found 1976 while grave-digging: ...]IVS C‌[.... p.428.
  11. West Deeping, Lincolnshire (TF 100091): oolitic limestone altar and base found 1974 with modern debris in quarry, presumed of local origin: [...] ‌ DE SVO D‌ONAVIT ‌ [...]. pp.428/9.
  12. Wroxeter/Viroconium, Shropshire, Duncote Farm (SJ 573118): fragment of gritstone tombstone found 1976 whilst dredging the Tern: [...] ‌ H S E. p.429.
  13. Caerleon/Isca, Monmouthshire/Gwent (ST 361916): Old Red-Sandstone building stone found 1976 in fortress wall opposite amphitheatre: > IVNI NEPOTIS. p.429.
  14. ibid. Great Bulmore Farm, Christchurch (ST 361915): Old Red-Sandstone slab fragment found 1976 in spoil from water-pipe trench, together with #15: D]♠M ‌ ...]PIC[.... p.429.
  15. ibid.: fragment of tombstone of Coal Measure sandstone found 1976 re-used as paving slab in Roman building, with #14: [DM] ‌ VΛLERI VER[EC]VNDI ‌ VET LEG II ΛVG VIX[IT] ‌ ΛN LXX ONERΛTΛ CON[...] ‌ F. p.429.
  16. Chester/Deva, 23 Castle Street (SJ 405658): top of Bunter Sandstone altar found 1976 re-used in foundations of 3rd C. building: NVMI‌NIBVS ‌ AVG ‌ COM‌M♠ITVS ‌ [VSLM]. pp.429/430 & plate.XXVIIIa.
  17. Wilderspool, Cheshire, Loushers Lane (SJ 618867): Keuper Sandstone fragment found 1976 in association with late-2nd C. material in ditch on Roman industrial site: VV. p.430.
  18. York/Eboracum, Clementhorpe (SE 6032 5108): gritstone slab fragment found 1976 re-used in post-Medieval lime kiln: [I O M D] ET GENIO LOCI ‌ [ET N AV]GG L VIDVCIVS ‌ [L F PLA]CIDVS DOMO ‌ [CIVIT] VELIOCAS[S]IVM ‌ [SEVIR N]EGOTIATOR ‌ [CRET A]RCVM ET FANVM ‌ [D D L D] D [D] GRATO ET ‌ [SELEVCO COS]. pp.430/431 & plate.XXVIIb.
  19. Black Carts, Hadrian's Wall (NY 887713): left side of buff-sandstone building-stone found in wall of farmhouse between MC.29 and T.29a: COH[...] ‌ > PONT[...]. p.431.
  20. Housesteads/Vercovicium, Northumberland (NY 790688): buff-sandstone building-stone found 1976 re-used in 4th c. 'chalet': > CAMIAN[I]. p.431.
  21. ibid.: fire-reddened buff-sandstone building-stone found 1976 unstratified: CVNARIS. p.432.
  22. Chesterholm/Vindolanda, Northumberland (NY 769663): buff-sandstone altar found 1976 in rubble of vicus: DEO ‌ HVITI‌RI VS. p.432.
  23. ibid.: buff-sandstone building-stone found 1976 on Site XXX in vicus, with #24: LEG II A. p.432.
  24. ibid.: buff-sandstone building-stone found 1976, with #23: LEG II. p.432.
  25. ibid.: buff-sandstone slab fragment found 1976 in field-wall SE of fort: ...]ENECIO[.... p.432.
  26. ibid.: buff-sandstone slab fragment found 1976 in field-wall near NE corner of fort: A. p.432.
  27. Greenhead, Northumberland? (NY 661654): buff-sandstone building-stone found 1974 in gable-end of outbuilding of the former Globe Inn, 500 m S of T.46a: > COCCEI REGVLI. p.432.
  28. Holmhead, Northumberland? (NY 660660): buff-sandstone building-stone found in a ruined byre just N of T.46a: > IVL IΛNΛL. pp.432/3.
  29. Tarraby, Cumberland/Cumbria (NY 405575): red-sandstone building-stone found 1976 re-used as packing in post-roman post-hole, between MC.65 and Stanwix fort: O. p.433.
  30. Inveresk, Midlothian (NT 341721): lower part of buff-sandstone altar found 1976 digging a grave in the churchyard: Primary: Q ‌ LVSIVS ‌ SABINIAN‌VS PRO AVG, Secondary: ...]LA‌RA EX NV‌NTIO DIC AR ‌ POS L L M. p.433.
  31. Kilsyth, Stirlingshire/Strathclyde (NS 718787): base and part of die of grey-sandstone altar found 1976 in ruins of house built in 1605: [DEO] ‌ [SILVANO] ‌ [L T]ANIC[IVS] ‌ VERVS ‌ PRAEF V S L L M. p.433. [This is the lost RIB 2187]
  32. New Kilpatrick, Bearsden, Dunbartonshire (NS 546721): buff-sandstone ansate building-stone found 1976 unstratified in praetentura of fort: LEG XX VV ‌ QVINT FEC. pp.433/4 & plate.XXIXa.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. CHESHIRE Chester/Deva, Abbey Green (SJ 405667): lead tag with attachment hole found in 1976 on intervallum road E of N gate: COH VIII ‌ LVANII SII‌TINO DOSS‌ΛRIO VM [.... p.434.
  1. GLOUCESTERSHIRE Cirencester/Corinium, St. Michael's Field, Admiral's Walk (SP 026016): fragment of tile found 1974 unstratified: CΛN[D]IDVS F ‌ [TEG]VLAS ‌ [...]. p.439.
  1. HAMPSHIRE Silchester/calleva (SU6462): brick fragment found 1961 within Roman town walls: LEGXXVV. p.441.