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Recent Finds of Ancient ArtilleryD. Baatz1
Excavations at Tarraby LaneG.H. Smith19
Hayton Roman FortS. Johnson57!
Excavations at WakerleyD.A. Jackson & T.M. Ambrose115
The Adherence of Britain to VespasianE. Birley243*
A First-century Shield from DoncasterP. Buckland247
The Camp at Durno and Mons GraupiusJ.K. St. Joseph271*
The Case of the Redundant OfficialM.G. Jarrett289
The Roman Military Timber-supplyW.S. Hanson293*
The Literary Classics in Roman BritainA.A. Barrett307
The Last British Entry in the 'Gallic Chronicles'M. Miller315
An Enamelled Skillett-handle from Brough-on-FosseC.N. Moore319
Two Romano-British GeniiJ.M.C. Toynbee327
A Bronze Skillett-handle from ChesterJ.C. McPeake & C.N. Moore329
Property Boundaries and Building-PlotsC.V. Walthew333
A problem of villa-interpretationJ.T. Smith349
Production and Distribution of TilesA.D. McWhirr & D. Viner357!
Tile-stamps of the Ninth LegionR.P. Wright377!
Amphorae from Brockley HillS.A. Castle383


A further vessel of the Aldgate-Pulborough Potter by Julian Bennett (393)
An unusual late Roman Mortarium from Caister by Yarmouth, Norfolk by Paul Arthur & David Williams (394)
Another Intaglio from Wroxeter by Dr. Martin Heniig (395)
A Possible Roman Lyre-sculpture fragment in the British Museum by R.G. Lawson (395)
A fragment of a Roman cavalry tombstone from Cirencester by N.A. Griffiths (396)
A Roman camp near Girvan, Ayrshire by J.K. St. Joseph (397) !

Roman Britain in 1977

I Sites Explored
by R. Goodburn (403)


ANGLESEY [GWYNEDD] - (1) Cerrigceinwen late Roman hut-group (SH 411737): p.404.

CAERNARVONSHIRE [GWYNEDD] - (1) Caernarvon/Segontium: (i) excavations in south-east corner of fort (SH 485625), (ii) annexe/ordnance-depot WNW of fort (SH 482625), (iii) Hen Walia proven to be late-2nd C.: pp.404-6 & fig.2; (2) Cefn Graeanog, Clynnog, native settlement (SH 455489): p.406 & fig.3 p.407.

MERIONETHSHIRE [GWYNEDD] - (1) Llanfor, A.P.'s of fort and camp (SH 938363): p.406.

FLINTSHIRE [CLWYD] - (1) Pentre Farm, Flint, courtyard-building c.A.D.120 - early-3rd C. (SJ 254723): p.406.

MONTGOMERYSHIRE [POWYS] - (1) Caersws, Red House, Llandinam, agger of road (SO 050922): p.406; (2) Llandrinio, early-2nd C. pottery (SJ 267135): p.406.

CARDIGANSHIRE [DYFED] - (1) Pen Llwyn, Capel Bangor, 7-acre (2.8-ha) Flavian-Hadrianic fort (SN 650806): p.408.

PEMBROKESHIRE [DYFED] - (1) Stackpole Warren, Romano-British circular hut (SR 981950): p.408.

CARMARTHENSHIRE [DYFED] - (1) Carmarthen/Moridunum, Church Street, W town defences T.P.Q. mid-2nd C. (SN 416202): p.408.

GLAMORGAN - (1) Cardiff Castle, excavations at three locations (ST 181766): pp.408/9; (2) Cefn Hirgoed, Bridgend, supposed practice-work proven post-Medieval (SS 923828): p.409; (3) Cowbridge, 75 High Street, Roman & Medieval finds including LEGIIAVG roof-tile (SS 993747): p.409; (4) Llanfrynach, Cowbridge, rectangular enclosure with 2nd-4th C. sherds (SS 981746): p.409; (5) Michaelstone-y-Vedw Roman road (ST 244842): p.409; (6) New Mill Farm, Monknash, R-B mound (SS 915698): p.409; (7) Stormy Down, Pyle, Roman road (SS 832820, 840797 & 835790): p.409; (8) Ty Bryn, Clemenstone, R-B farmstead (SS 916734): p.409.

MONMOUTHSHIRE [GWENT] - (1) Caerleon/Isca, legionary baths natatio (ST 340906): pp.409-410; (2) caldicot, late Iron-Age and Romano-British settlement (ST 473893): p.410; (3) Hadnock Farm, Monmouth, 2nd-3rd C. iron-working (SO 536152): p.410.


PERTHSHIRE [CENTRAL] - (1) Ardoch, 63-acre and 130-acre temporary-camps (NN 841112): p.410; (2) Malling, Menteith, temporary-camp (NN 560000): p.410; (3) Strageath, Muthill, 3-phase fort (NM 898180): pp.410/11.

CLACKMANNANSHIRE [CENTRAL] - (1) Waterside Mains, Alva, temporary-camp (NS 869968): p.411.

STIRLINGSHIRE [CENTRAL] - (1) Camelon, Antonine fort and annexe (NS 863807): p.411; (2) Drumquhassle, Drymen, new fort (NS 484874): p.412; (3) Fairy Knowe, Buchlyvie, broch (NS 585942): pp.411/3; (4) Lochlands, Camelon, temporary-camp (NS 852816): p.413; (6) Tamfourhill, Falkirk, temporary-camp (NS 859794): p.413.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Bearsden, New Kilpatrick, Dunbarton/Strathclyde, 2¾-acre (2.12-ha) fort (NS 545721): p.413 & fig.4 p.414; (2) Temple of Boclair, New Kilpatrick, temporary-camp (NS 574723): p.413; (3) Croy Hill, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, excavations of fort & new fortlet (NS 734765): pp.413/5 & fig.5; (4) Garnhall Farm, Castlecary, Stirlingshire, Wall rampart and ditch (NS 782780): pp.415/6; (5) Seabegs Motte, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire, Wall and ditch (NS 824798): p.416; (6) Seabegs Wood, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, fortlet (NS 812792): p.416.

DUNBARTONSHIRE [STRATHCLYDE] - (1) Twechar, temporary-camp (NS 697754): p.416.

RENFREWSHIRE [STRATHCLYDE] - (1) Dean Park, Renfrew, negative results (NS 517666): p.416.

LANARKSHIRE [STRATHCLYDE] - (1) Lamington: new fortlet (NS 977307), and camp (NS 977309): p.416; (2) Mollins, Cadder, new fort (NS 713718): p.416.

MIDLOTHIAN [LOTHIAN] - (1) Inveresk, Musselburgh, vicus E of fort (NT 345720): pp.416-8 & fig.7.

WEST LOTHIAN [LOTHIAN] - (1) Cramond, Edinburgh, excavations: (i) The Manse S garden (NT 191767), (ii) The Manse back garden (NT 190768), (iii) S of Cramond House (NT 191769): p.418.

PEEBLESSHIRE [BORDERS] - (1) Meldon Bridge, Lyne, temporary-camp, road & gravel-pit (NT 205404): p.418.

ROXBURGHSHIRE [BORDERS] - (1) Milrighall, Bowden, temporary-camp (NT 536268): p.418.

DUMFRIESSHIRE [DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY] - (1) Annan aerial observation: (i) new fort c.3.4 ha (NY 180653), (ii) small fort (NY 192655): p.418; (2) Beattock, Kirkpatrick Juxta, temporary-camp (NT 085020): p.418; (3) Ward Law, Caerlaverock, Agricolan fort occupation (NY 024668): pp.418/9.



NORTHUMBERLAND [TYNE AND WEAR - (1) Wallsend/Segedunum ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (473)


  1. London/Londinium (TQ 327803): small limestone altar found 1977 with sculptures dumped in a Roman well beneath Southwark Cathedral crypt: ... CASSIANVS POSVIT. p.473.
  2. ibid.: slate funerary monument broken into three pieces found 1977 in upper filling of well, with item #1: ...TIC... ...XXX[V]I♥M ...MATRONA .... p.473 & plate.XXXa.
  3. Dover/Dubrae (TR3142): limestone fragment found 1976 in post Roman context at 'Bacon Factory site': ... ... ...VSI... ...ST.... p.473.
  4. Newtown, Tre-Owen, Montgomeryshire/Powys (SO1192): grey/green mudstone slab with crudely-incised representation of armed figure found 1976 in a pit in association with 3rd C. material: MΛTROI. p.473 & plate.XXXb.
  5. Lancaster, Lancashire (SD 462620): gritstone tombstone fragment found 1976 in rubbish-tip at St. George's Quay: ... ...ELICI ...OPATRI .... p.473.
  6. Aldborough/Isurium, Kirby Hill, North Yorkshire (SE 393686): buff-sandstone block re-used in Saxon church-tower: DIVO ANTO NINO...GN... DVS... ... FIRMIN...OB HON... DD... .... p.474.
  7. Old Penrith/Voreda, Cumberland/Cumbria (NY 493383): small buff-sandstone altar found 1977 in vicus S of fort, with item #8: DEO BELΛ TOCΛ DRO. p.474.
  8. ibid.: small red-sandstone altar found 1977 near item #7: DEO SΛ‌NCTO ‌ BELΛT‌VCΛI‌RO PO. p.474.
  9. Bewcastle/Fanum Cocidi, Cumberland/Cumbria (NY 565747): buff-sandstone building-stone found 1977 in NW corner of fort: LEG VI V P F VEXILLATIO FEC. p.474 & plate.XXXIa.
  10. Piercebridge, County Durham (NZ 211156): buff-sandstone building-stone inscribed with phallus found 1977 in situ in fort wall S of E gate: A [phallus] OP. p.474 & fig.21a p.475.
  11. ibid.: buff-sandstone building-stone found 1977 in robber-trench inside E wall of fort: PAO [snake-symbol]. p.474 & fig.21b p.475.
  12. Lanchester/Longovicium, County Durham (NZ 168474): buff-sandstone building-stone found c.1966 in Peth Cottage about 1 mile N of fort: VIΛ... CIMED. p.475.
  13. Newcastle/Pons Aelius, Northumberland (NZ 250639): top part of buff-sandstone altar found 1977 at the Castle, with item #14: MATRIBVS ...G...O ...LEG ...V .... p.475.
  14. ibid.: yellow-sandstone altar found 1977 with Item #13: ...EO... CIDIVCV F[E]CIT ...VRNINVS... PRO.... p.475.
  15. Cramond, Edinbyrgh, Midlothian (NT 190768): top of grey-sandstone altar found 1977 in fill of fort ditch: D[eo] M[arti] CON[dati] .... p.475.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. CHESHIRE Chester/Deva (SJ 403666): two tile fragments found 1972 at North Gate Brewery stamped with identical die: a.) ...EGVLΛ Λ V[IDV ‌ V]EROIIICOSL[EGXX; b.) TEGVL]Λ Λ VIDV ‌ VEROI]IICOSLEGX[X. p.476.
  1. DEVON Exeter/Isca (SX 920925): fragments of wall plaster found 1972 in road, possibly from basilica: a.) ...]E CΛNEM[...; b.) KD. p.476.
  1. DURHAM Binchester/Vinovia (NZ 210313): five fragments of brick/tile found 1976 in bath-house within fort: NCON, N[umerus] CON[cangensium]? p.477.
  1. ibid: fragment of tegula tile found 1977 in backfill of 1878/9 excavations: ARMEAMEDOCVITRECTE ‌ BIDICERECVNCTIS, "Armea has taught me to speak well of everyone properly." (Trans. Hassall/Tomlin). p.477.
  1. ESSEX Kelvedon (TL 863188): fragment of greyware jar found 1977 with much Flavian pottery at St. Mary's Road: TOVTΛTIS. p.478.
  1. LEICESTERSHIRE Leicester/Ratae (SK 579041): oval lead sealing found 1977 unstratified: obverse: AVOC; reverse: FL SI MD, A[la] VOC[ontiorum] • FL[avius] SIM[ilis] D[ecurio]?. p.478.
  2. ibid.: lead sealing found 1977 unstratified: obverse: LVI, L[eg] VI[ctrix]?. p.
  1. FLINT [CLWYD] Oakenholt, Pentre Farm (SJ 255723): fragments of nine stamped tiles found 1977 in Roman bath-house: a.) LEG XX VAV, b-i.) LEG XX VV. p.482.