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The Gold Coinage of VericaD.F. Allen & C. Haselgrove1
Roman Timber Military GatewaysW.H. Manning & I.R. Scott19
The Defensive System of Roman DaciaN. Gudea63!
Local Careers in the Three GaulsJ.F. Drinkwater89
The Date of the Temple at BathT.F.C. Blagg101
A Type of Moulded Imitation SamianA.S. Anderson109
The Dating of Farnham PotteryM. Millett121
Tile From the Roman Bath-House at Beauport ParkG. Brodribb139
A Chronology of Bone PinsN. Crummy157
An Inscription on a Pair of Silver Bracelets from CastlethorpeH.E.M. Cool165
Romano-British Side-Tables and Chip-carvingT.W.J. Solley169
Statue of a Genius from Burgh-by-SandsE.J. Phillips179
The Lincolnshire Car DykeB.B. Simmons183
The Date of Boudicca's RevoltK.K. Carroll197*
Gildas and the History of BritainE.A. Thompson203!
The Career of CogidubnusA.A. Barrett227*
King Cogidubnus, Another Reading of RIB 91J.E. Bogaers243*


Queen Boudicca? by Prof. Kenneth Jackson (255)
The Roman Fort at Okehampton, Devon by Paul T. Bidwell, R. Bridgwater & R.J. Silvester (255)
An Elusive Icenian Legend by H.R. Mossop (258)
A Gladius from Dorset in the Ashmolean Museum by N.A. Griffiths (259)
An Imperial Portrait from Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham by P. Turnbull & R.F.J. Jones (260)
Roman lime-burning by Brian Dix (261)
Romano-British Antiquities and the commercial market by T.M. Ambrose (262)
Three 'theatre' masks from London by G.D. Marsh (263)

Roman Britain in 1978

I Sites Explored
by R. Goodburn (267)


ANGLESEY [GWYNEDD] - (1) Aberffraw, new fort beneath village (SH 355690): p.268.

DENBIGHSHIRE [CLWYD] - (1) Dinorben, hillfort (SH 968757): p.269.

FLINTSHIRE [CLWYD] - (1) St. Asaph (i) pottery/tile sherds W of A541 (SJ 039742), (ii) pottery/tile along Vale of Clwyd road (SJ 045731): p.269; (2) Vale of Clwyd Roman road: (i) St. Asaph (SJ 040742), (ii) Afon Alwen (SJ 052434), (iii) Denbigh (SJ 063652): p.269; (3) Pentre Farm, Pentre Flint, Oakenholt site (SJ 254723): p.269.

CAERNARVONSHIRE [GWYNEDD] - (1) Caernarvon/Segontium (i) fort praetentura barracks arranged per strigas (SH 485625), (ii) fortlet? WNW of Segontium dismantled during Hadrian (SH 482625): pp.269/72 & figs.2/3.

MERIONETH [GWYNEDD] - (1) Cyfannedd Fawr, Arthog, Romano-British hut-circle (SH 6335 1173): p.272; (2) Pennal pre-Flavian finds (SH 705001): p.272.

BRECONSHIRE [POWYS] - (1) Torpantau Station, suspected Roman road proved a railway branch-line (SO 050168): p.272.

CARMARTHENSHIRE [DYFED] - (1) Carmarthen/Moridunum, Church Street, 2nd-Century timber buildings of cantonal capital? (SN 416202): pp.272/3; (2) Pumpsaint Roman timber water-front (SN 6570 4048): p.273.

GLAMORGAN - (1) Cardiff Castle, second fort dated to Neronian period, 3rd-4th C. agriculture within fort (ST 181766): p.273; (2) Dinas Powys, aerial survey of Roman earthworks (ST 151709): p.273; (3) Porthkerry, Rhoose (Cardiff) Airport, R-B enclosures (ST 0765 6665): p.273;

MONMOUTHSHIRE [GWENT] - (1) Caerleon/Isca, legionary bath-house (ST 340906): pp.273/4.


PERTHSHIRE [CENTRAL] - (1) Strageath, Muthill, viae principalis et praetoria, Antonine II barracks (NM 898180): p.274.

FIFE - (1) Cupar temporary-camp (NO 357116): p.274.

STIRLINGSHIRE [CENTRAL] - (1) Camelon, Antonine fort annexe "South Camp" (NS 862807): p.275; (2) Drumquhassle, Drymen, fort, late-1st C. pottery (NS 484874): p.275; (3) Fairy Knowe, Buchlyvie, I-A/R-B broch (NS 585942): p.275.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Kinneil, Bo'ness & Carriden, fortlet 18 x 21 m (NS 977803): p.275; (2) Auchendavy, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Wall and ditch (NS 675749): pp.275/6; (3) Bar Hill, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, bath-house and latrines on N fort rampart (NS 708759): p.276; (4) Bearsden, New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, fort W rampart, annexe E rampart (NS 545721): p.276 & fig.4 p.277; (5) Croy Hill, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, vicus S of fortlet, W of fort (NS 734765): pp.276/278; (6) Westerwood, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, bath-house? in pipe-line trench (NS 761774): p.278; (7) Duntocher, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, bath-house? at Trinity Parish Church (NS 494727): p.278.

LANARKSHIRE [STRATHCLYDE] - (1) Mollins, Cadder, 60-90AD mortarium sherd in N part of fort (NS 713718): p.278.

EDINBURGH [LOTHIAN] - (1) Cramond: (i) Cramond House, industrial complex in vicus (NT 191767), (ii) Manse garden, fort ditch (NT 190768), (iii) bath-house annexe E of fort (NT 191769), (iv) military road running SE from fort (NT 192768): pp.278/9.

EAST LOTHIAN - (1) St. Germains, Gladsmuir, I-A/R-B penannular enclosure (NT 427742): p.279.



TYNE AND WEAR - (1) Wallsend/Segedunum ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (339)


  1. Chichester/Noviomagus (SU8604): Purbeck marble fragments found 1978 in a pit on site of late Roman cemetery: [MATRI]BVS DOMEST ‌ [...]VS ARK ‌ [D S] P. pp.339-341 & plate.XIXa.
  2. Uley, Gloucestershire (ST 789996): lead defixio or 'curse tablet' found 1977 within temple compound on West Hill; inscribed front and rear in cursive script (text restored): Obverse: Deo Mercurio cenacus queritur de Vitalino et Natalino filio ipsius deiumento quod eraptum est. Erogat deum Mercurium ut nec ante sanitatem., Reverse: habeant nisi repraesentaverint mihi iumentum quod rapuerunt et deo devotionem quam ipse ab his expostulaverit. pp.341/2 & figs.20/21.
  3. ibid.: lead defixio found 1977 within temple; inscribed in capital letters on both sides (text restored): Obverse: Commonitorium deo Mercurio¹ a Saturnina muliere de lintiamine quod amisit ut ille qui hoc circumvenit non ante laxetur nisi quando res ssdictas ad fanum ssdictum attulerit si vir si mulier si servus si liber, Reverse: Deo ssdicto tertiam partem donat ita ut exigat istas res quae sstae sunt. Ac a quae perit deo Silvano tertia pars donatur ita ut hoc exigat si vir si femina si servus si liber [...] E[...]TAT. p.343 & fig.22 p.344.
    1. The name of the god here replaces the original Marti Silvano.
  4. ibid.: lead curse tablet found 1977 within temple; inscribed on one side in capitals (text restored): Deo Marti Mercurio anulus aureus de hoc erit et pedica ferrea. Fur qui fraudem fecit idem invenit. p.344 & fig.23 p.245.
  5. Lincoln/Lindum, St, Paul-in-the-Bail (SK 977719): nine pieces of Purbeck marble found 1978 re-used in foundations of 11th C. church: ...I... ...SNO...VRAE... ...TATIS ...CTVS... ...ANNVS... ...GLIB O... ...NOREM II... ...VS TEMP R.... p.354 & plate.XXa.
  6. York/Eboracum, Coppergate (SE 604517): limestone tombstone? fragment found 1978 unstratified: ...RIM... ...RI.... p.346.
  7. Chesters/Cilurnum, Northumberland (NY 912699): buff-sandstone altar fragment found 1978 in bank of River Tyne, just SE of fort: [D]ISCIPVLINAE IMP HAD AVG ALA AVG [O]B VIRT APPEL .... p.346 & plate.XIXb.
  8. Chesterholm/Vindolanda, Northumberland (NY 769663): crude buff-sandstone altar found 1978 fallen from NW angle of fort wall: ΛRΛVI‌TIRVM. p.346.
  9. ibid.: buff-sandstone building-stone found 1979 re-used in fort wall at NE angle; displays on left, two trees, on right, a phallus, with letters picked-out below: SESTD. p.346.
  10. Carvoran/Magnis, Northumberland (NY 665657): buff-sandstone slab found 1978 in N rampart: VXIII. p.346.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. LANCASHIRE [GREATER MANCHESTER] Manchester/Mamucium, Deansgate (SJ 833977): amphora sherd found 1978 in late-2nd C. rubbish-pit within vicus: ROTAS OPERA TENE... ... .... p.353 & plate.XXb.
  1. Brancaster/Branodunum (TF 779439): tile-waster fragment found 1977 in post-hole of building within vicus W of Saxon Shore fort: CHIΛQ, C[o]H[ors] I AQ[vitanorvm]. p.354.