Britannia XI (1980) Index

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Celtic Names and Roman PlacesA.L.F. Rivet1!
The Earthworks of Prae Wood: An Interim AccountJ.R. Hunn21
Chronological Errors in Dio's Account of the Claudian InvasionAnthony A. Barrett31!
An Interim Reporton the Excavation of the Orsett 'Cock' Enclosure, Essex: 1976-79H.S. Toller35
An Agricolan Praesidium on the Forth-Clyde Isthmus (Mollins, Strathclyde)W.S. Hanson & G.S. Maxwell43!
Hyginus and the First CohortS.S. Frere51
Lincoln, Principia and Forum: A Preliminary ReportMichael J. Jones & Brian J.J. Gilmour61
Excavations at Nos. 1 and 30 Westgate Street, Gloucester: The Roman LevelsCarolyn Heighway & Patrick Garrod73
Excavations at Wnborough, Wiltshire: An Interim ReportA.S. Anderson & J.S. Wacher115
Length-units in Roman Town Planning: The Pes Monetalis and the Pes DrusianusR.P. Duncan-Jones127
A New Roman Rider-Relief from Stragglethorpe, LincolnshireTimothy Ambrose & Martin Henig135
A Graffito from La Graufesenque and 'samia vasa'Anthony King139
The Roman Pottery Industries of South Yorkshire: A ReviewP.C. Buckland, J.R. Magilton & M.J. Dolby145
The Romano-British Name for CorbridgeJ.G.F. Hind165
Excavations at Chanctonbury Ring, Wiston, West Sussex 1977Owen Bedwin173
The Date of the 'Barbarian Conspiracy'R.C. Blockley223
Excavations at the Roman Fort at Lympne, Kent 1976-78Barry Cunliffe227!
A Reconsideration of some Fourth-century British MosaicsReinhard Stupperich289
A Late Roman Helmet from Burgh CastleStephen Johnson303


A British Dedication from the City of Rome by Mary Beard (313)
M. Ulpius Marcellus by M. Brassington (314)
Supposed Roman Fort at Discoed, Powys by Jenny Britnell (315)
Seven Inscribed Leaden Sealings from Leicester by Patrick Clay (317)
Two Roman Shield-Bosses from London by Simon James (320)
Fourth-Century Manning of the 'Fossatum Africae' by G.D.B. Jones & D.J. Mattingly (323)
Votive Models from Kirmington, South Humberside by Kevin Leahy (326)
Two New Roman Military Stations in Mid-Nottinghamshire [Osmanthorpe & Warsop] by D.N. Riley (330)
A Note on CIL XVI 130 and the reviews in JRS xxviii (1938) by Eric Birley by Margaret Roxan (335)
The Lincolnshire Car Dyke: Navigation or Drainage? by Peter Salway (337)
Ulpius Marcellus Again by C.J. Simpson (338)
Camelon, Arthur's O'on and the Main Supply Base for the Antonine Wall by T.W.T. Tatton-Brown (340)
A Wooden Axis Bar from an Iron-Age Brooch at Fengate [Peterborough] by Maisie Taylor (343)
Gildas and the History of Britain: Corrigenda by E.A. Thompson (344)

Roman Britain in 1979

I Sites Explored
by Francis Grew (346)


CAERNARVONSHIRE [GWYNEDD] - (1) Caernarvon/Segontium, three building phases in praetentura (SH 485625): p.346 & fig.2 p.347; (2) Sarn Helen, Penmachno, Roman road, Margary#69 (SH 738469): p.346.

MERIONETH [GWYNEDD] - (1) Bryn-y-Castell, hillfort defences (SH 728429): p.348; (2) Tomen-y-Mur, leat-system NE of fort (SH 706386): p.348;

MONTGOMERYSHIRE [POWYS] - (1) Arddleen, Roman pottery and enclosure (SJ 260159): p.348.

RADNORSHIRE [POWYS] - (1) Maes-Treylow Farm, Discoed, suspected fort now thought to be Medieval field-banks (SO 268653): p.348.

CARMARTHENSHIRE [DYFED] - (1) Llandeilo, possible fort (SN 633222): p.348.

GLAMORGAN - (1) Cold Knap, Barry, negative results (ST 0993 6648): p.348; (2) Biglis, Cadoxton, I-A/R-B farmstead of four periods 2nd C. BC - 4th C. AD (ST 1420 6940): pp.348/9; (3) Cardiff Castle, excavations showed three distinct phases (ST 181766): p.349; (4) Cowbridge, 3rd-4th C. Roman occupation N of Medieval town (SS 9944 7484): p.349; (5) Llandough, Penarth, LPRIA farmstead and 2nd-3rd C. R-B villa (ST 1685 7315): pp.349-351 & fig.3.

MONMOUTHSHIRE [GWENT] - (1) Caerleon/Isca, Home Farm Estate, imbrex and tesserae (ST 323907): p.351; (2) Caldicot (a) kiln and associated debris (ST 484876). (b) pottery including Flavian Samian bowl (ST 485877): p.351; (3) Usk/Burrium, Old Market Street, 3 building periods, period II terminating 70AD (SO 3765 0060): p.351.


PERTHSHIRE [TAYSIDE] - (1) Carpow fortress, trenching of buildings revealed on A.P.'s in praetentura (NO 208179): p.351; (2) Strageath fort, Muthill, buildings of 3 phases, Flavian and Antonine I/II (NM 898180): pp.351/2.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Falkirk, Howgate, Stirlingshire [Central], negative results (NS 885 798): p.352; (2) High Bonnybridge, Falkirk, Wall and ditch (NS 822797 - 825798): p.352; (3) Tollpark, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire [Strathclyde], 1872 'watch-tower' unlocated (NS 770777): p.352; (4) Bar Hill, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, cross-hall of principia (NS 708759): p.353; (5) Bearsden fort, fort principia & bath-house in annexe (NS 545721): p.353; (6) Cleddans, Duntocher, Dunbartonshire, new fortlet, 8th found on Wall (): p.353/4 & fig.4.

MIDLOTHIAN - (1) Cramond, Edinburgh (i) boot-studs & daub S of fort (NT 1890 7664), (ii) burnt wattle-and-daub & Roman pottery E of fort (NT 194767), (iii) (a) reassessment of 1976 bath-house data showed 3 phases, Antonine, Severan & post-Severan, (b) vicus is in fact a military industrial complex (NT 191767): p.354.

LOTHIAN - (1) Broxmouth, hillfort occupied from late-Bronze-Age to 2nd C. AD (NT 700774): p.355.



NORTHUMBERLAND - (1) South Shields/Arbeia ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassell & R.S.O. Tomlin (403)


  1. Colchester/Camulodunum, 5 Maidenburgh Street (TL 998253): monumental limestone fragment found 1964 on W precinct wall of the Temple of Claudius: A. p.403.
  2. Stonea, Cambridgeshire (TL 450930): gold-leaf votive feather found 1979 as surface-find by metal-detector: DEΛ ‌ MIR ‌ VΛD, "Dea Mi[ne]rva[e] D[onum]"?. pp.403/4.
  3. Brough/Navio, Derbyshire (SK 184825): gritstone altar found 1979 on Mill Farm, E of B6049 outside SE defenses of fort: HERCVLI[...]G ‌ [...]RESTITVTIONEM ‌ PS ‌ ♠ACAEP♠ASC[...] ‌ [...] ‌ PROCVLVS♠ ‌ PRAEF♠POSVIT ‌ IDEMQVEDEDICA‌VIT♠. p.404 & pl.XXVb.
  4. Great Bulmore, Monmouthshire [Gwent] (ST 361915): grey-sandstone tombstone found 1979 re-used in garden wall at Bulmore House: ...]RI[...‌...]EIIM[...‌...]NISXX[...‌...]NIVX[.... pp.404/5.
  5. Piercebridge, Co. Durham (NZ 211157): two buff-sandstone fragments found 1977 in secondary fort ditch: D. p.405.
  6. Newcastle/Pons Aelius, Northumberland [Tyne & Wear] (NZ 250639): left part of buff-sandstone base found 1979 west of Castle Keep: IVLIA[...] ‌ NO[...] ‌ [...] ‌ RELIANTO[...] ‌ CAS[...] ‌ AC PAT[...] ‌ AC DEV[...] ‌ [erased] ‌ LEGAVGPR[...] ‌ TRAIANAC[...] ‌ C R [...], "Iuliae Aug NO[...] matri imp M Aureli Antonini ac castrorum ac senatus ac patriae pro pietate ac devotione curante G Iul Marco leg Aug pr pr coh I Ulpia Traiana cugernorum c R posuit". p.405 & pl.XXVI.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. Binchester/Vinovia, Co. Durham (NZ 210313): oval lead seal found 1979 unstratified, obverse bears a bull with letters above: PBI, "P[rovincae] B[ritannia] I[nferioris]". p.409 & fig.26.
  2. ibid.: tegula fragment found 1979 unstratified: ...]VIV[..., "[Leg(io)] VI V(ictrix)". p.409.