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John Gillam: A Bibliography (1939-1984) xii

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Roman Military Deployment in North EnglandD. Breeze & B. Dobson1*
Two Topoi in the AgricolaJ.C. Mann21*
Fortlets and Distance Slabs on the Antonine WallG.S. Maxwell25!
Auchendavy Roman Fort and SettlementL.J.F. Keppie & I.J. Walker29!
Palaeobotanical Evidence from MollinsW.E. Boyd37!
The Roman Fort at Bury Barton, DevonshireM. Todd49!
A Third-century Maritime Establishment at Cold Knapp, Barry, South GlamorganE. Evans, G. Dowdell & H.J. Thomas57
Pottery Production at Muncaster, Eskdale in the Second Century A.D.D.A. Wellsby127
A Group of Silvered Horse-Trappings from Xanten (Castra Vetera)I. Jenkins141
Cosmetic Sets from Late Iron Age and Roman BritainR. Jackson165
Official Tile Stamps from London which cite the Province of BritainR.P. Wright193!
Civic Aqueducts in BritainG.R. Stephens197
Combined Archaeological and Geotechnical Investigations of the Roman Fort at Lympne, KentJ.N. Hutchinson, C. Poole, N. Lambert & E.N. Bromhead209!


Iron Age 'Coin Moulds' by John Collis (237)
A Miniature Bronze Axe from Tiddington, Warwickshire by Miranda Green (238)
An Inscribed Intaglio [from Braintree, Essex] by Martin Henig (241)
A decorative Bronze Applique from Silchester by Susan Read & Martin Henig (242)
A Bronze-Age Lion from Hanbury, Worcestershire by David Symons (244)
Romano-British Fields and Farms in the Vale of Glamorgan by B.E. Vyner & J. White (245)
A Gold Ring from Littlecote Park by B. Walters (247)
A Revised Restoration of the Inscription on the Mosaic Pavement found in the Temple at Lydney Park, Gloucestershire by R.P. Wright (248)

Roman Britain in 1984

I Sites Explored
by S.S. Frere (251)


CLWYD - (1) Prestatyn: (i) two auxiliary forts suspected (ii) bath-house re-excavated (SJ 062817): pp.252-4, fig.2/3; (2) Chester - Ffrith Roman road, Margary#66a, Higher Kinnerton (SJ 3194 6008): pp.253/4; (3) Chester - St. Asaph Roman road, Margary#67a: (i) Green End Farm, Broughton (SJ 3389 6308), (ii) Northop (SJ 2344 6897), (iii) Old Hall, Halkyn (SJ 2069 7125): p.254.

DYFED - (1) Carmarthen/Moridunum, 105 Priory Street, possible Romano-British temple (SN 4171 2048): pp.254/5; (2) Castell Henllys, hill-fort, Romano-British occupation (SN 117391): p.255; (3) Llandovery, vicus SW of fort, negative results (SN 7687 3503): p.255; (4) Llanychlwydog Church, four early-Christian inscribed stones (SN 0123 3437): p.255; (5) Trawscoed, vicus NE of fort, timber buildings show occupation c.AD70-125 (SN 671727): p.255.

SOUTH GLAMORGAN - (1) Cowbridge, Bear Field, 2nd-C. enclosures & corn-drier (SS 993746): p.255.

WEST GLAMORGAN - (1) Loughor/Leucarum fort: (i) SW angle ditch 3 x 1.6 m, (ii) Lower Station House, palisade slot, (iii) Castle Street, turf & clay rampart 6.2 m wide, (iv) Loughor Access Road, rampart clay & cobble base and stone revetment 1.3 m wide (SS 562979): pp.255/6; (2) Neath/Nidum: (i) Dwr-y-Felin School, Antonine occupation (SS 7476 9780), (ii) Dwr-y-Felin House, Flavian courtyard building (SS 7476 9777): p.256 & figs.4-7 pp.257-60.

GWENT - (1) Caerleon/Isca: (i) Museum Site, tribune's house (ST 339905), (ii) Backhall St./Crown Close, porta principalis sinistra (ST 341908), (iii) Carlton Terrace, porta praetoria (ST 342904), (iv) Isca Grange, 2nd-3rd C. occupation (ST 344902), (v) Riding School Field, Mill Street, three roads outside NE defences (ST 340908), (vi) Golf Club, road from SE gate to river (ST 336903): pp.257-9; (2) Caerwent/Venta: (i) House I 28N, tessalated pavement, mozaic floor & hypocaust, (ii) Romano-British temple E of forum (ST 467907): pp.259/260, fig.8 p.261 & plate.XXII; (3) Great Bulmore: (i) New Farm, three strip-buildings, (ii) Great Bulmore Farm, five masonry buildings, early-2nd - 3rd C. (ST 360915): pp.260-63 & fig.9; (4) Gwehelog, circular temple or mausoleum beside road (SO 363030): p.263; (5) Usk/Burrium, The Orchard, Llantrisant Road, cremation burial outside S gateway (SU 3790 0034): p.263.


TAYSIDE REGION - (1) Inverquharity, Stracathro-type camp (NO 406580): p.263; (2) Spittalfield Roman road (NO 115411): p.263; (3) Strageath fort, Flavian and Antonine I/II rampart construction (NN 898180): pp.263/4.

CENTRAL REGION - (1) Doune fort, aerial recon. (NN 727012): p.264.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Easter Dullatur House, fortlets, negative results (NS 746772): p.264; (2) Bar Hill temporary-camp (NS 707757): p.264.

LOTHIAN REGION - (1) Elginhaugh, Dalkeith: (i) possible N annexe (NT 321674), (ii) bath-house S of fort (NT 321672): pp.264/5; (2) Gogar Green, Edinburgh, marching-camp (NT 176718): p.265; (3) Inveresk, Monktonhall: (i) large marching-camp, (ii) smaller camp (NT 347711): p.265; (4) Lugton marching-camp (NT 325647): p.265.

STRATHCLYDE REGION - (1) Bankhead, Carnwath, fortlet discovered (NS 971449): p.265; (2) Barochan Flavian fort (NS 413690): pp.265-7 & fig.10.

DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY - (1) Barnhill, Beattock, fortlet & marching-camp (NT 085028): p.267; (2) Drumlanrig fort and marching-camp (NX 854989): p.267; (3) Gatehouse of Fleet Roman road S of fortlet (NX 596571): p.267; (4) Lantonside, Caerlaverock, fortlet discovered (NY 010662): p.267; (5) Sanquhar fortlet discovered (NS 785106): p.267.



TYNE AND WEAR - (1) South Shields/Arbeia ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (317)


  1. London/Londinium, Winchester Palace, Southwark (TQ 3260 8035): marble fragments found 1983/4 with 3rd/4th C. pottery within large masonry building: a) ...M ET S... ‌ ...RVNT... ‌ ...I PHILLIPPV...
    b) VA... ‌ AV... ‌ VI... ‌ LI... ‌ A... ‌ A... ‌ AP...
    c-g) [restored] Coh(ors)] III ‌ ...]D(...) Severus ‌ ...] Martinus ‌ A]ur(elius) Gontius ‌ ...]R(...) Aem[il]ius ‌ V]ib(ius) Clau[dianus] ‌ I]ul(ius) Prim[us ‌ Vict(orius) Firmu[s ‌ Coh(ors) [II]II ‌ Favon(ius) [Postu]mus ‌ Cott(ius) [Fortu]natus ‌ Au]r(elius) Vita[li]s ‌ ...]L(...) Flor[... ‌ ...]L(...) VE[... ‌ Pet[r](onius) [... ‌ Aur(elius) [... ‌ Aur(elius) [... ‌ CO[h](ors) [...
    h) ...VS II... ‌ ...S IX P... ‌ ...X P PO... ‌ ...VS II PR...
    i) ...LIA... ‌ ...PI.... pp.317-22, figs.1-3 & plates.XXVI/XXVII.
  2. Bath/Aquae Sulis, Avon/Somerset (ST7564): circular pewter plate found 1980 in King's Bath votive deposit, inscribed in cursive lettering (transcription): Severianus fil(ius) Brigomall(a)e ‌ Patarnianus filius ‌ Matarnus ussor ‌ Catonius Potentini ‌ Marinianus Belcati ‌ Lucillus Lucciani ‌ Aeternus Ingenui ‌ Bellaus Bellini. pp.322-5 & fig.4.
  3. Wonston, Worthy Down, Hampshire (SU 459358): Jurassic limestone milestone found 1984? upon fill of 4th-C. ditch: ...E AVG ‌ RP B P. p.324 & plate.XXVIII.
  4. Brixworth, Northants (SP 748712): sandstone block found 1982 re-used in Saxon church: ...VILIO or ...FILIO. p.324.
  5. Stanwick, Northants. (SP 972718): Purbeck marble slab found 1984 re-used in late-4th C. context: ...OD ‌ ...NORAT... ‌ ...ISCHO... ‌ ...NVS.... p.324.
  6. Caerleon/Isca, Great Bulmore (ST 361915): reddish-grey sandstone tombstone fragment found 1984 in garden of Bulmore House: FES... ‌ GALER... ‌ VIXI.... p.324.
  7. Prestatyn, Clwyd/Flintshire (SJ 061819): red-sandstone block found 1984 re-used in bath-house: ...COR.... pp.324/5.
  8. Chester/Deva, Princess Street Development (SJ 403664): fragment of slate found 1981 with 3rd-C. material re-used as road hardcore: ...GNC.... p.325.
  9. Chester/Deva, Crook Street (SJ 403 662): sandstone fragment found 1963/4 in barracks W of principia (restored): TRIB P]OT P P.... p.325.
  10. Bowes/Lavatris, North Yorkshire (NZ 993135): buff-sandstone fragment found 1984 in bed of River Greta: ... ...PL... ...ER CO... ...ENNIO... ...VET... .... p.325.
  11. South Shields/Arbeia, Tyne & Wear/Durham (NZ 365679): buff-sandstone slab fragment found 1984 re-used in 3rd-C. principia (text restored): [...] ‌ [ac c]astr(orum) [ac senat(us) ac] ‌ [pa]tria[e pro pietate] ‌ [a]c dev[otione] ‌ [com]muni c[urante] ‌ [G(aio) Iul(io) Marco] l[eg(ato) Aug(usti) pr(o) pr(aetore)] ‌ [coh(ors) (quinta) Ga[ll(orum) pos(uit)]. [The editors note that the legate's name had been erased in antiquity, and assign a date c.A.D.213 to the dedication.] pp.325/6.
  12. Gilsland, Northumberland (NY 635664): top part of white-sandstone altar found 1965 in garden of The Hill: left side: DEA ‌ ...
    front face: VICTORIA ‌ .... p.326.
  13. Birrens/Blatobulgium, Dumfriesshire (NY2175): fragment of red-sandstone scupture: C... IL.... p.326.
  14. Antonine Wall, unprovenanced: buff-sandstone altar found before 1897: DEO NEP or DEO MER. p.326.
  15. Ardoch/Alauna, Perthshire (NN8410): seven fragments of ornamental slab found 1896/7: a) P b) LA. p.326.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. LONDON The City/Londinium, Billingsgate Lorry Park (TQ 3304 8065): lead sealing found 1984 in contractor's spoil-heap: BRIT SΛNC. p.329 & plate.XXVa.
  1. GWENT/MONMOUTHSHIRE Caerleon/Isca, Legionary Museum garden (ST3390): bronze patera found 1984 in bottom of well in the scamnum tribunorum of fortress: (a) stamp on handle ring: MATVRVS F
    (b) stamp in lead label on handle: ΛLΛ I THR
    (c) punched numeral on handle: LI
    (d) incised on side: LVCCA. pp.330/331.