Britannia XVIII (1987) Index

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Air Reconnaissance in Roman Britain: 1977-84G.S. Maxwell & D.R. Wilson1*
Brandon Camp, HerefordshireS.S. Frere49*
Boudicca, the first Colchester Potters Shop, and the dating of Neronian SamianM. Millett93
New Texts from VindolandaA.K. Bowman & J.D. Thomas125
Chester The Canabae LegionisD.J.P. Mason143*
Wall Painting from Fenchurch Street, City of LondonM. Rhodes169
Inscriptions on Leather Waste from Roman LondonM. Rhodes173
Lead Sling-shot from Widridge Farm, St. Albans and the Use of the Sling by the Roman Army in BritainS.J. Greep183*
Length-Units in House Planning at Silchester and CaerwentC.V. Walthew201
The Chattan War, the Brigantian Revolt and the Loss of the Antonine WallM.P. Speidel233*
A Severan Vexillation at RibchesterG.R. Stephens239!
M. Oclatinius Adventus in BritainN.B. Rankov243
The Fall of the Western Empire and the End of Roman BritainI. Wood251!
The Caistor-by-Norwich Massacre ReconsideredM.J. Darling263


A Fragment of Roman Stucco from Colchester by P.M. Barford (273)
A Wooden Ansate Panel from Carlisle by I. Caruana (274)
A Bronze Vehicle Mount from Trawscoed, Dyfed by J.L. Davies (277)
A Late Roman Gold Finger-ring from Silchester, Hampshire by M.G. Fulford (279)
Titulus or Titulum? by A.A.R. Henderson & L.J.F. Keppie (281)
An Amphora from Rhos-on-Sea, Clwyd by J. Manley & S. Grenter (284)
A Note on the so-called "Town-zone" by J.C. Mann (285)
A Plank Tank from Nantwich by Robina McNeil & A.F. Roberts (287)
A Chalk Figurine from Upper Deal, Kent by Keith Parfitt (295)
A 'New' Signal Station in Cumbria [Barron's Pike] by P. Topping (298)

Roman Britain in 1986

I Sites Explored
by S.S. Frere (301)


GWYNEDD - (1) Anglesey Holyhead, two bronze handle-mounts & Carausian coin: p.302; (2) Caer Gai fort wall core exposed by erosion (SH 876314): p.302; (3) St. Asaph to Caer Gai Roman road via Rhug Park (SJ 054446): p.302.

CLWYD - (1) Flint, Croes Atti Lane, buildings associated with lead-smelting (SJ 255721): pp.302/3.

POWYS - (1) Caersws, trenching in annexe NW of fort (SO 0280 9208): pp.303/4; (2) Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain pentagonal stores-compound (SJ 229207): p.304.

WEST GLAMORGAN - (1) Porthcawl, Dan-y-Craig House, 3rd-C. building with corn-drier (SS 840780): p.304 & fig.2 p.303.

GWENT - (1) Abergavenny/Gobannium, 19 Cross Street, Neronian building yielded lorica segmentata segments (SO 299140): p.305 & fig.3 p.304; (2) Bassaleg, Craig-y-Saeson Farm, hoard of 904 3rd-C. coins in pewter container (ST 278858): pp.305/6; (3) Caerleon/Isca various investigations: (i) within the fortress (a) School Field, Insula XIX (ST 3378 9063), (b) Legionary Museum (ST 399905), (c) Sandygate (ST 337907), (d) St. Cadoc's Orphanage (ST 340908), (ii) outside the fortress (e) at NW corner (ST 3358 9063), (f) Riding School Field (ST 341909), (g) Cambria House, (h) The Smallholding, (j) Tanhouse Drive (ST 344907), (iii) Cambria House hoard of 51 3rd-C. Antoniniani: pp.305-7 & figs.4/5; (4) Caerwent/Venta (i) Insula IX coin of AD86, (ii) forum site (ST 344907): pp.307-9; (5) Usk/Burrium, Old Market Street, dupondius of AD86 (SO 377006): p.309 & fig.6 p.308.


GRAMPIAN REGION - (1) Cawdor, Easter Gallantray, fort gateway (NH 807483): p.309.

TAYSIDE REGION - (1) Greenloaning crop-marks of bi-vallate watchtower (NN 8304 0715): p.309; (2) Gask Ridge to Huntingtower: Roman road (NO 028207 to 056227), annular crop-mark of possible watch-tower at Peel (NO 0604 2322): p.309; (3) Strageath, Flavian and Antonine I/II phases of fort (NN 898180): pp.309-10; (4) Upper Tay Valley, crop-marks of native settlements (NN8148 to 8349): p.310.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Westerwood, excavations W of fort (NS 757773 to 759774): p.310.

STRATHCLYDE REGION - (1) Barochan fort west gate (NS 413690): pp.312/13 & fig.7 p.311.

LOTHIAN REGION - (1) Elginhaugh, Dalkeith, fort completely excavated (NT 322674): p.313 & fig.8 p.312.

BORDERS REGION - (1) South Blainslie, possible Roman rectilinear enclosure (NT 545427): p.315.



TYNE AND WEAR - (1) South Shields/Arbeia ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (360)


  1. London Bridge/Londinium (TQ 328806): piece of sheet lead found 1984 on north bank of river Thames, inscribed on both sides in incised capitals, on the obverse in mirror-image, on the reverse in an anti-clockwise spiral with text reversed (reconstructed text): Obverse: tibi rogo Metu‌nus u(t) m(e) vendic‌as de iste nu‌mene ante quo‌d ven(iant) die(s) no‌vem rogo te ‌ Metunus ut t(u) ‌ mi vend[i]cas ‌ ante q(u)o[d] ‌ ven(iant) di(es) n[o]ve‌m; Reverse: xuparanti silvielesatavile xsuparatus Silvicole Avitus Melusso datus perucitibi Santinus Mag[...]etus apidimis Antoni Santus Vasianus Varasius datus. pp.360-363 & figs.1/2.
  2. London/Londinium, Bermondsey Abbey, Southwark (TQ 334793): fragment of marble found 1986 during excavations: ...]MIT[...‌...]RID[.... p.364.
  3. Bath/Aquae Sulis, Avon/Somerset (ST7564): two conjoining fragments of sheet lead found 1980 in votive deposit of King's Bath, text written in cursive script from right to left (reconstructed text): ]...eocorotis perdedi la[enam] ‌ [pa]lleum sagum paxsam do[navi] ‌ [...S]ulis ut hoc ante dies novem ‌ [si li]ber si ser(v)us si [li]bera si serva ‌ [si] pu(er) si puell[a i]n rostr[o] s[uo] ‌ defera[t...] ‌ caballarem s[i ser(v)us si liber si] ‌ serva si libera si puer [si puella] ‌ in suo rostra defer[at ...]. pp.364-6 & fig.3.
  4. Diddington, Cambridgeshire (TL 208659): three bronze letters found 1986 during rescue excavations on presumed temple site: V, S & M/V. p.367.
  5. York/Eburacum, 46-54 Fishergate (SE 6065 5115): seven fragments of buff-sandstone sarcophagus found 1986 re-used in Medieval burial: [...] DECCOLEBOR‌[...]VV[...]CVSM AΛREL IR[...]VS‌[...]SSIM[...]EC[...]. p.367 & plate.XXVIIIa.
  6. South Shields/Arbeia, Tyne & Wear/Durham (NZ 365679): fragments of buff-sandstone altar found 1986 in NW corner of fort: DEAE... .... p.367.
  7. ibid.: buff-sandstone altar found 1986 re-used in 4th-C. repair to SW gate: DEO ΛNSV VITIRI CR...D. p.368.
  8. ibid.: buff-sandstone building stone found 1986: LEG ‌ VIVIC ‌ ////// ‌ > ////// ‌ SEVERIP ‌ CII. p.368 & plate.XXVIIIb.
  9. Hill Head, near Turret 25a (NY 939694): grey-sandstone building stone found 1986 built into cow byre, the site of RIB 1440: CHICL>AVGV. p.368.
  10. Housesteads/Vercovicium, Northumberland (NY 790688): buff-sandstone building stone found 1986 re-used in southern granary: COHITV. p.369.
  11. Willowford, between T.48a & T.48b (NY 626664): buff-sandstone building stone found 1986 in field wall E of Turret 48b: CHO V ‌ > GPHILIPPI. p.369.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. LONDON Westminster Abbey (TQ 3007 7942): brick/tile fragment found 1986 re-used in Saxon post-hole: ]P•PR•B[. "The procurator of the province of Britain". p.371.
  1. TYNE & WEAR Wallsend/Segedunum (NZ 300660): oval lead seal found 1979 in early-3rd C. context: Obverse: CIIII ‌ L, Reverse: LCF ‌ LX>. "Cohors Quartae Lingonum • [property of] LCF". p.372 & fig.4.
  1. NORTH YORKSHIRE York/Eburacum, General Accident buildings, Tanner Row (SE 5996 5176): fragment of an imbrex tile found 1984 in 2nd C. context: [...]VIVITP[...]. "Legio VI Victrix Pia Fidelis". p.375.
  2. ibid.: tegula fragment found in 1984: [...]IXH[...]. "[Legio] IX H[ispana]". p.375.
  3. ibid.: tegula fragment found in 1984: [...]X HIS[...]. "[Legio I]X His[pana]". p.375.
  1. NORTH YORKSHIRE York/Eburacum, Rougier Street (SE 6004 5179): tegula fragment found in 1981 in late-2nd C, context: LEGVIV[...]. "Leg(io) VI V[ic(trix)]". p.375.
  2. ibid.: imbrex fragment found in 1981, stamped: LEG IX H[...]. "Legio IX H[ispana]". p.376.