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Early Settlement at LincolnMargaret J. Darling & Michael J, Jones1
Excavation of and Iron-Age and Roman Enclosure at Werrington, CambridgeshireD.F. Mackreth59
The Westgate Road Milecastle, Newcastle-upon-TyneBarbara Harbottle, R. Fraser & F.C. Burton153!
'Prata Legionis' in BritainD.J.P. Mason163*
A Mosaic from Boughspring Roman Villa, Tidenham, GloucestershireDavid S. Neal & Briony Walker191*
Study of the Metallography of some Roman SwordsJanet Lang199
The Classis Britannica Bath-house at Beauport Park, East SussexGerald Bodribb & Henry Cleere217
Two New Romano-British Iron-working Sites in NorthamptonshireD.A. Jackson & R.F. Tylecote275
Excavations at Bannaventa (Whilton Lodge, Northants.), 1970-1Brian Dix & Steven Taylor299
Discharge Certificates of the Roman ArmyJohn C. Mann & Margaret M. Roxan341
Signalling Communications and the Roman Imperial ArmyG.H. Donaldson349*
A Hoard of Late Roman Bronze Bowls and Mounts from the Misbourne Valley, near Amersham, Bucks.Michael Farley, Martin Henig & John W. Taylor357
The Gallic Chronicle Restored: A Chronology for the Anglo-Saxon Invasions and the End of Roman BritainM.E. Jones & P.J. Casey367


Imperial Sceptre Heads in Roman Britain by D. Fishwick (399)
The Date of the 'Celtic' Field Systems on the Berkshire Downs by S. Ford, M. Bowden, G. Mees & V. Gaffney (401)
A Bronze Object from Lamyatt Beacon by R. Rutland (405)
Amphora Stamps from Fishbourne by C. Wallace (406)
Two Busts from Littlecote by B. Walters (407)
The Richborough Font: Some Additional Structural Detail by P.R. Wilson (411)
Probable Roman Road from Barnsley Park, Glos. to Cirencester by K.E. Jermy (412)

Roman Britain in 1987

I Sites Explored
by S.S. Frere (415)


GWYNEDD - (1) Bryn Eryr, Anglesey, Iron-Age/Romano-British enclosure (SH 541757): p.416.

CLWYD - (1) Ffrith: (i) GeoPhys. of Mining Settlement (SJ 285553), (ii) Glascoed Hall, Roman road SW (SJ 269535), (iii) lead-ore sluicing (SJ 261531 & 262532), (iv) rectangular earthwork (SJ 285548): p.416; (2) Flint, geopysical survey: (i) Croes Ati Lane, Pentre Ffrwdan, possible furnaces (SJ 255722), (ii) Leadbrook, road S to Halkyn Mt. (SJ 258706): pp.416/7.

POWYS - (1) Abertanat, Careghofa, marching-camps (SJ 248214): p.417; (2) Forden Gaer fort (SO 208989): p.417; (3) Llansantfraid-ym-Mechain, military site (SJ 229207): p.417 & figs.2/3 pp.418/9.

DYFED - (1) Carmarthen/Moridunum: (i) 1-5 Parade Road, 2nd C. building, (ii) 108-111 Priory Street, 2nd - early-4th C, occupation (SN 4171 2042): p.420; (2) Pumpsaint fort, NW via sagularis (SN 656406): p.420; (3) Trawscoed, vicus of fort (SN 671727): p.420.

SOUTH GLAMORGAN - (1) Cowbridge, Midland Bank, possible military ditch (SS 9941 7475): p.420; (2) Caerleon - Loughor Roman road, Margary#60c, 7 brooches (SS 9451 7665, SS 9534 7629, SS 9720 7548, SS 9730 7545 & SS 9818 7515): p.420.

WEST GLAMORGAN - (1) Loughor/Leucarum, 6-8 Dock Street, c.A.D.115-130 praetorium (SS 562979): p.421 & fig.4.

GWENT - (1) Caerleon/Isca: (i) left praetentura (ST 340906), (ii) The Smallholding, East Mill Street (ST 3410 9100), (iii) Social Club (ST 3423 9042), (iv) 'Avalon', Bulmore Road (ST 3460 9007), (v) Great Bulmore Farm (ST 363913): pp.421/2; (2) Caerwent/Venta, basilica and Insula IX (ST 467907): pp.422/3; (3) Monmouth, 83-5 Monnow Street (SO 506127): p.423; (4) Usk/Burrium: (i) Maryport Street Car Park, outer defensive ditch (SO 376008), (ii) Old Market Street, via sagularis & intervallum in retentura (SO 377007): pp.423-5 & figs.5/6.


GRAMPIAN REGION - (1) Cawdor, Easter Galcantray, rectangular timber buildings (NH 807483): p.425 & fig.7 p.426; (2) Kintore marching-camp (NJ 787166): p.425.

TAYSIDE - (1) Finavon marching-camp (NO 496575): p.425; (2) Marcus Marching-camp (NO 511580): pp.425/6.

CENTRAL REGION - (1) Camelon marching-camps (NS 858808): pp.426/7 & fig.8; (2) Dunipace marching-camp (NS 842821): p.427.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Falkirk, West Beancross Farm, Wall traced (NS 9237 7957): pp.427/9; (2) Westerwood, Wall fort (NS 760773): p.429.

LOTHIAN REGION - (1) Cramond fort (NT 192768): p.429; (2) Elginhaugh fort annexe (NT 321674): p.429 & fig.9 p.428.

LANARKSHIRE - (1) Castledykes marching-camp-A (NS 9240 4463): p.429 & fig.10 p.430; (2) Castledykes fort (NS 932442): pp.429/30; (3) Paddy's Rickle Bridge Roman road (NS 980160): p.430.

DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY - (1) Tassiesholm Roman road S of fort, Margary#7f: (i) quarry pits S of Broomhills (NY 111960 - NY 111968), (ii) Nether Murthat (NY 101985), (iii) Poldean Bank (NY 107993 - NY 106996), (iv) river crossing at Tassiesholm (NY 092014): pp.430/31.

BORDERS REGION - (1) Newstead/Trimontium, magnetometer survey, building XXII (NT 571344): p.431.



CUMBRIA - (1) South Shields/Arbeia ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (485)


  1. Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk (TG 515123): copper-alloy plaque in two pieces found in 1986 associated with 3rd-4th C. pottery about 100 m W of the Roman town: A[...]RATTICI ‌ A[...]VS ‌ MERCVRIO ‌ V S L M. p.485.
  2. Uley, Gloucestershire (ST 789996): ovoid piece of sheet lead found in 1978 at the temple of Mercury on West Hill, inscribed on one side in 'rustic capitals' (reconstructed text): Biccus dat m‌ercurio quidquid ‌ perdidit si vir si m‌ascel si meiat ‌ ne cacet ne loqua‌tur ne dormiat ‌ ne vigilet nec sa‌lutem nec sa‌nitatem ne‌ssi in templo ‌ Mercurii per‌tulerit ne con‌scientiam de ‌ perferat nessi ‌ me interceden‌te. pp.485-7 & fig.1.
  3. Southern Britain (unprovenanced): irregular piece of sheet lead found c.1983, inscribed in 'Old Roman Cursive' (reconstructed text): [...] ‌ amisi oro tuam maie‌statem ut furem istum ‌ si ancilla si puer si puella ‌ extinguas [...] ut illi s[...] ‌ cias perduci rem raptam ‌ [...]um et[...] ‌ [...]. pp.488/9 & fig.2.
  4. Caerleon/Isca, Gwent/Monmouthshire (ST 345900): right half of red-sandstone tombstone found 1987 to E of Isca Road on left bank of the Usk: [...]M ‌ [...]RIVS M ‌ [...]CVS CEM ‌ [...]II ERES ‌ [...]VIBFLEG. p.490 & plate xxxi.
  5. ibid. (ST 3457 9006): fragment of red-sandstone gabled tombstone found 1987 in garden wall on Bulmore road: [...]M ‌ [...]VAR T[...]. pp.490/91.
  6. ibid. (ST 3402 9080): six fragments of red-sandstone tombstone found 1980/81 at various locations near Roman Gates, Backhall Street (in retentura of fortress near the porta principalis sinistra: (a) E/F; (b) H/D; (c) I; (d) [...]; (e) ; (f) vacat L/D/E/B;. p.491.
  7. Bowes/Lavatrae, Scargill Moor, North Yorkshire (NY 999105): top of buff-sandstone altar found 1986 in bank of East Black Sike between the two shrines: DEOVINO‌TONO SILVΛ‌NO ΛVG T ‌ [...]RBIVSPRI ‌ [...]NVSP ‌ [...]. p.491.
  8. Carlisle/Luguvalium, Cumbria (NY3956): stone fragment found 1814 in Roman debris at West Walls: [...] ‌ [...]MARITVS[...] ‌ [...]EG♠IIAVG[...] ‌ [...]. pp.491/2 & fig.3.
  9. South Shields/Arbeia, Tyne and Wear/Durham (NZ 365679): buff-sandstone altar-base found 1987 re-used in Severan granary: [...]SE ET SVIS V S ‌ L L M. p.492.
  10. Lanchester/Longovicium, Durham (NZ 160469): bottom-right part of buff-sandstone altar found 1986 in vicus outside SW angle of fort: [...] ‌ [...]LING[...] ‌ [...]Q.C♠P♠ ‌ [...]VLIVS ‌ [...]IXPRΛEF ‌ [...]. p.492 & fig.4 p.493.
  11. Chesterholm/Vindolanda, Northumberland (NY 771664): buff-sandstone building stone found 1980 in E fort wall: Q E F ‌ M[...]XX. pp.492-4 & fig.5.
  12. Carvoran/Magnis, Northumberland (NY 666657): buff-sandstone fragment found 1985 in field-wall E of fort: [...]EGII. p.494.
  13. Birdoswald/Banna, Cumbria/Cumberland (NY 635663): irregular buff-sandstone fragment found 1987 just N of fort's W gateway: O • AABB[...]. p.494.
    [the following nine stones are all buff-sandstone building stones from Hadrian's Wall, all still in situ.]
  14. Walltown Crags: 96 m W of T.45a: X. p.494.
  15. ibid.: 98 m W of T.45a: X. p.495.
  16. Willowford: W of T.48b: X. p.495.
  17. East of Birdoswald: 146.5 m W of MC.49: X. p.495.
  18. ibid.: 293.5 m W of MC.49: X. p.495.
  19. ibid.: 310 m W of MC.49: X. p.495.
  20. ibid.: 328 m W of MC.49: X. p.495.
  21. ibid.: 374.5 m W of MC.49, below phallus already identified: X. p.495.
  22. Birdoswald fort: E wall inner face: X. p.495.
  23. West of Birdoswald: 248.5 m W of fort, E of T.49b: IN (repeated 4 times). p.495.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. CUMBRIA [CUMBERLAND] Carlisle/Luguvalium (NY 396561): address tablet in two pieces inscribed in cursive script: TRIMONTIO AVT LVGV‌A[L]IO vacat ‌ M IVLIO MAR‌TIALI vacat. p.496 & fig.6 p.497.
  2. ibid.: address tablet in two pieces inscribed in capitals: DOMINO TIIRTIO ‌ BRA[...]AR IOLVGVALIO ‌ traces. p.496 & fig.7 p.497.
  1. ibid.: address tablet fragment: IN BRIT ΛNIΛ. p.498 & fig.9.
  1. CUMBRIA [CUMBERLAND] Stanwix/Petriana (NY 403568): ovular lead seal found in vicus W of fort: ALP • HRD. p.499.
  1. CUMBRIA [CUMBERLAND] Kirkby Thore/Bravoniacum (NY6325): ovular lead seal found unstratified in 1987: LEGV[...] • OPTA ‌ TID. p.499.
  2. CUMBRIA [CUMBERLAND] Ravenglass (NY 087961): ovular lead seal found 1976/7 in 3rd/4th C. context: CIAE‌CL • FLOR‌T*D. p.500.
  1. HERTFORDSHIRE St Albans/Verulamium (TL 131067): cremation urn (burial#322) found 1967 in late-Augustan cemetery: ANDOC. p.501.
  1. NORTHUMBERLAND Chesterholm/Vindolanda (NY 768663): iron spear-head found 1987 in 2nd C. context (after c.A.D.120): TVNG. p.502.
  1. WEST YORKSHIRE Castleford/Legentium (SE 425255): rectangular bronze tag pierced at each corner found 1983: > Q ΛTTI CILO. p.505 & fig.11.