Britannia XXI (1990) Index

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Recent Excavations of a Cemetery of LondiniumBruno Barber, David Bowsher & Ken Whittaker1
Architectural Munificence in Britain: The Evidence of InscriptionsT.F.C. Blagg13
Two Letters from VindolandaA.K. Bowman, J.D. Thomas & J.N. Adams33
A Reassessment of the Second Basilica in London, A.D. 100-400: Excavations at Leadenhall Court, 1984-86T. Brigham53
The Late Roman Waterfront in LondonT. Brigham99
The Dark Ages Return to Fifth-Century Britain: The 'Restored' Gallic Chronicle ExplodedR.W. Burgess185
A Group of Marked Brooches from GloucesterPhilip M. Cracknell197
A Reinterpretation of RIB 1912 from BirdoswaldG.H. Donaldson207
The Use of Earthenware Tubes in Roman Vault Construction: An Example from ChesterD.J.P. Mason215
The Origin and Nature of the German and British FleetsD.B. Saddington223*
Signals Versus Illumination on Roman FrontiersP. Southern233*
Severn Valley Wares: A ReassessmentJane Timby243
Archaeology and Research into Sea-Level during the Roman Era: Towards a Methodology Based on Highest Astronomical TideA.C. & E. Waddelove253*


The Forfex of the Veterinarius Virilis (Vindolanda Inv. No. 86/470) and Ancient Methods of Castrating Horses by J.N. Adams (267)
A Roman Sugical Forceps from near Littleborough and a Note on the Type by Ralph Jackson & Kevin Leahy (271)
A New Collyrium Stamp from Cambridge and a Corrected Reading of the Stamp from Caistor-by-Norwich by Ralph Jackson (275)
The 'North Cheshire Ridge' Roman Road by Kenneth E. Jermy (283)
The Great Chesters Aqueduct: A New Survey by Donnie A. MacKay (285)
Hadrian's Wall West of the Irthing: The Role of VI Victrix by J.C. Mann (289)
Part of a Celtic Linch-Pin by G. Webster (293)
A Late Celtic Sword-Belt with a Ring and Button Found at Coleford, Gloucestershire by G. Webster (294)
A Bronze Head of Mars from Shirenewton, Gwent by Janet Webster (295)
An Unusual Brooch from Caerleon by Janet Webster (297)
The Roman Fort at Ruthin, Clwyd by G.D.B. Jones & A.C. & E. Waddelove (299)

Roman Britain in 1989

I Sites Explored
by S.S. Frere (303)


CLWYD - (1) Ruthin, late-1st to 4th C. pottery (SJ 103582): p.304; (2) Waen Gate, St Asaph, Roman road (SJ 066748): p.304.

DYFED - (1) Pumpsaint fort, Flavian rampart (SN 656406): pp.304-6 & fig.2.

SOUTH GLAMORGAN - (1) Biglis, Barry, 32 coins of the 4th C., 20 brooches and other finds (ST 144693 & ST 142694): p.306.

WEST GLAMORGAN - (1) Neath/Nidum, Dwr-y-Felin School playing fields, fort rampart, via principalis and principia (SS 7476 9780): p.306, fig.3 p.307 & fig.4 p.308.

GWENT - (1) Caerleon/Isca: (i) metalling of porta decumana (ST 3373 9080), (ii) magnetometer survey (ST 3392 9032): pp.306/7; (2) Caerwent/Venta, fourth season of excavations on forum (ST 467907): pp.307-10 & fig.5.


GRAMPIAN REGION - (1) Balnagieth, possible marching-camp (NJ 0246 5781): p.310.

TAYSIDE REGION - (1) Carpow fortress, parchmarks of principia and praetorium (NO 207179): p.310; (2) Inchtuthil, possible neolithic ditched enclosure in left praetentura of fortress (NO 125395): p.310.

CENTRAL REGION - (1) Dunipace marching-camp (NS 942821): p.312 & fig.6 p.311.

LOTHIAN REGION - (1) Linlithgow possible Roman camp (NT 001773): p.312.

STRATHCLYDE REGION - (1) Castledykes, annexe on S side of fort (NS 932442): p.312; (2) Castledykes marching-camps: p.312; (3) Garnhall I, Castle Carey, marching-camp (NS 785779): p.312; (4) High Cauldcoats marching-camp (NS 691414): p.312.

DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY - (1) Kirkland, new fortlet revealed on aerial survey (NX 804901): p.312; (2) Ladyward, new fort discovered on aerial survey (NY 113820): pp.312/3.

BORDERS REGION - (1) Newstead/Trimontium (NT 571344): (i) magnetometric and resistivity surveys in Antonine II fort, (ii) Geophysical survey in South Annexe and "163-acre" camp, (iii) Red Rigg circular earthwork magnetometric survey (NT 569337): p.313 & fig.7 p.314.



TYNE AND WEAR - (1) South Shields/Arbeia ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (365)


  1. Pakenham, Suffolk (TL 931607): bronze letter found in 1985 within a 2nd/3rd C. context: P. p.365.
  2. Caerleon/Isca, Gwent [Monmouthshire] (ST 346901): red-sandstone slab found in 1989 in a garden wall SE of the fortress in the area of the Roman roadside cemetery: [...] ‌ [...]BI ‌ [...] TΛNLXXX ‌ [...]CVDΛ ‌ [...]VSF. p.365.
  3. Carlisle/Luguvalium, Cumbria (NY 398561): red-sandstone altar capital found 1989 in a Roman building outside the fort: DEO MΛR[...]. p.365.
  4. Birdoswald/Banna, Cumbria (NY 615663): grey-sandstone building-stone found 1987 re-used in North Granary of fort: IVLIVS. p.365.
  5. Sewingshields, Hadrian's Wall: buff-sandstone building-stone located in 1989 in N face of Wall just E of MileCastle#35: +. p.367 & plate.xxxiii.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. NORTH YORKSHIRE Catterick/Cataractonium (SE 224992): sherd of Dressel 20 amphora found in 1959/1972: T VIILO[...] ‌ CΛ[...]; possibly "The Turma of Velox, [property of] Ca[...]." p.374.