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Once Again Claudius and the Temple at ColchesterC.J. Simpson1
A Relief from Duke Street, Aldgate, now in the Museum of LondonRoger Ling7
Ubi solitudinem faciunt pacem appellant: the Romans in Scotland, a Palaeoenvironmental ContributionGraeme Whittington & Kevin J. Edwards13!
Excavation in the Scamnum Tribunorum at Caerleon: The Legionary Museum Site 1983-5J. David Zienkiewicz27
The Romanization of Religion in the Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army from Augustus to Septimius SeverusI.P. haynes141*
Recent Work at Osmanthorpe, NottinghamshireM.C. Bishop & P.W.M. Freeman159!
A Roman Lead Coffin with Pipeclay Figurines from Arrington, CambridgeshireAlison Taylor191
Saxon Raiding and the Role of the Late Roman Coastal Forts of BritainJohn Cotterill227!


A Carved Stone Head from Steep Holm by M. Aldhouse-Green (241)
The Discovery of a Roman Fort at Roall Manor Farm, North Yorkshire by R.H. Bewley & D. Macleod (243)
Dolaucothi Again by D. Bick & G.C. Boon (247)
A Reconsideration of gelligaer by E.W. Black (249)
Town or Temenos? A Reinterpretation of the Walled Area of Aquae Sulis by K.R. Dark (254)
A Re-examination of the Distribution of Oxfordshire and New Forest Wares by D. Dungworth (255)
Probable Roman Road in Saighton, near Chester by K.E. Jermy (257)
Late Roman Silver Spoons from Spennymoor, County Durham by C. Johns & J. Pickin (258)
Cavalry Promotion at Kirkby Thore by J.C. Mann (261)
Real Gods by C.J. Simpson (264)

Roman Britain in 1992

I Sites Explored
by B.C. Burnham, L.J.F. Keppie & A.S. Esmonde Cleary (267)


GWYNEDD - (1) Brithdir fortlet & round-house (SH 772189): p.269 & fig.2 p.270; (2) Bryncroes round-houses (SH 214316): p.269; (3) Port Dinorwic, Brush Farm, round-houses (SH 529675): p.269; (4) Caernarfon/Segontium watching-brief and trenching at fort (): pp.269/70; (5) Llanddeiniolen, Pen-y-Groes Cottage, 25 coins 218-268AD (SH 548650): p.270; (6) Cae Glas, Maentwrog, Roman road from Tomen-y-Mur (SH 695395): p.270.

CLWYD - (1) Llanymynech, Clawdd Coch military sites: (i) Clawdd Coch A (SJ 252198), Clawdd Coch B (SJ 246202): p.271 & fig.3 p.272; (2) Penycorddyn, Abergele, hillfort, late-Roman belt buckle (SH 917764): p.271 & fig.4 p.273; (3) Prestatyn, Melyd Avenue, sample pit (SJ 062817): p.271; (4) Chester - Ruthin Roman road: (i) ditch (SJ 3342 6331), (ii) crop marks (SJ 3285 6337), (iii) ford over Afon Alun (SJ 2489 6344), (iv) crop-marks (SJ 2277 6285), (v) causeway (SJ 2260 6252), (vi) cutting (SJ 2100 6255), (vii) property boundaries (SJ 2073 6285), (viii) terrace in pass (SJ 2031 6264), (ix) paved ford (SJ 1989 6262), (x) descending terrace (SJ 1791 6126): pp.271/3; (5) Rhug - St Asaph Roman road ditch (SJ 1185 5752): p.273.

POWYS - (1) Caersws trenches & watching brief in fort & annexe (SJ 0280 9208): pp.273/4; (2) Crosswood Camp, Llandrino, proved post-medieval (SJ 279175): p.274.

DYFED - (1) Carmarthen, western Roman road: modern A40 (SN 357193), NW of St Clears (SN 264189), WNW of St Clears (SN 252168), Eastern Cleddau Valley (SN 080185): p.274.

SOUTH GLAMORGAN - (1) Rumney Great Wharf, R-B activity on the Wentlooge Level (ST 245783): p.274.

GWENT - (1) Caerleon/Isca, St Cadoc's Hospital excavations (ST 3290 9100): pp.274/5; (2) Caerwent/Venta Silurum: (i) basilica excavations, (ii) Coach and Horses Inn (ST 4711 9047): p.275; (3) Chepstow: (i) Roman levels at 21 Bridge Street (ST 535942), rectangular enclosure at Thornwell Farm (ST 539919): p.276; (4) Monmouth: (i) military ditch at 20 Monnow Street (SO 507127), (ii) pre-Flavian activity at 22-24 Monnow Street (SO 507127), 1st-3rd C. ironworks at St James' Garage, Whitecross Street & Whitecross House gardens (SO 510129): p.276; (5) Trostrey Castle fortlet (SO 3599 0435): p.276.


TAYSIDE REGION - (1) Dunning marching-camp (NO 021149): pp.277/8 & figs.5/6; (2) Longforgan marching-camp (NO 297300): pp.277/8; (3) Carpow Severan vexillation fortress, coins (NO 208179): p.278; (4) Strageath air survey of roads outside fort (NS 898180): p.278.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Arnothill, Falkirk, N-S ditch (NS 883799): p.278; (2) Garnhall, Castlecary Village, resistivity survey of Military Way & ring-ditches [within marching-camp but not mentioned] (NS 780779): pp.279/80 & figs.7/8; (3) Glasgow Bridge environmental sampling (NS 627728): p.279.

LOTHIAN REGION - (1) Cramond fort trenching (NT 190770): p.280; (2) Livingston cropmarks of fortlet (NT 039666): p.280; (3) Inveresk, St Michael's Kirk, W gate of Antonine fort (NT 342720): p.280.

STRATHCLYDE REGION - (1) Paddy's Rickle Bridge Roman road, Little Clyde Farm: (i) found much disturbed (NS 977162), (ii) excavated (NS 980161): p.281; (2) Castledykes new marching-camp & horse trappings (NS 931445): p.281.

DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY - (1) Glenluce new marching-camp (NX 196566): p.281; (2) Glenluce - Stranraer Roman road: (i) Glenluce (NX 196566), (ii) Dunragit (NX 142577-151574), (iii) Soulseat (NX 100595-116585): p.281; (3) Kirkland, Moniaive, Flavian fortlet (NX 804901): p.281.

BORDERS REGION - (1) Newstead/Trimontium, 2nd C. extra-mural settlement & magnetometer survey within fort (NT 571344): pp.282/3 & figs.9/10; (2) Jedfoot Bridge line of Dere Street (NT 662239): p.283; (3) Tocherknowe, West Linton, fortlet (NT 141526): p.283; (4) Kaimhouse, West Linton, new marching-camp (NT 167497): p.284. (5) Clydesdale - The Forth Roman road: (i) West Linton (NT 145535), (ii) Carlops (NT 158557): p.284.



CUMBRIA - (1) Birdoswald ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (310)


  1. Uley, Gloucestershire (ST 789996): fragment of sheet lead found in 1978 in the Temple of Mercury on West Hill: PETRONIIVS. p.310 & fig 1 p.311.
  2. Ratcliffe-on-Soar, Nottinghamshire (SK 495305): piece of sheet lead found in 1990, inscribed in mirror-image (reconstructed text): nomine Camulorigi(s) et Titocun(a)e molam quam perdederunt ‌ in fanum dei devovi cuicumque n(o)m[e]n involasit ‌ mola(m) illam ut sa(n)gui(nem) suum mittat usque diem quo ‌ moriatur q[ui]cumque invo[l]a[sit] (f)urta moriatur ‌ et PAVLATORIAM quicumque [illam] involasit ‌ et ipse mo[ri]atur quicumqu(e) illam ‌ involasit et VERTOGN de (h)ospitio vel vissacio ‌ quicumque illam involasit a deo mori(a)tur. pp.310-313 & fig.2.
  3. Chesterholm/Vindolanda, Northumberland (NY 770663): buff sandstone building stone found in 1992 in N gate of fort: E + E(retrograde); a mason's mark. p.314 & fig.3 p.315.
  4. Eildon Hills, Roxburghshire (NT5532): red-sandstone fragment: ??. p.315 & fig.4.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. CUMBRIA [CUMBERLAND] Scalesheugh (NY 449496): fragment of tegula tile found in 1990, bearing impressed stamp: [LEG XX] VV. p.316.
  1. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Thorpe in the Glebe (SK 601264): lead sealing found in 1990 on site of presumed R-B settlement; obverse is unreadable, reverse reads: CCOREL. p.318.