Britannia XXVII (1996) Index

Eric Birley (1906-1995) xi

Main Articles

The Classification and Identification of Romano-British TreasuresCatherine Johns1
An Analysis of the Circulation Patterns of Iron Age Coins from NorthamptonshireMark Curteis17
Marinus, Ptolemy and the Turning of ScotlandIan Keillar & Barri Jones43
Excavations at Usk 1986-1988A.G. Marvell51
The Building of the Legionary Fortress at InchtuthilElizabeth A.M. Shirley111!
Transport Logistics Associated with the Building of Hadrian's WallRoger Kendal129!
Signalling and the Design of the Antonine WallD.J. Woolliscroft153!
The Romanization of Pottery Assemblages in the East and North-East of England during the First Century A.D.: A Comparitive AnalysisSteven Willis179
The Distribution of South-East Dorset Black Burnished Category I Pottery in South-West BritainJ.R.L. Allen & M.G. Fulford223
A Pottery Kiln at CatterickP.A. Busby, J. Evans, J.P. Huntley & P.R. Wilson283
New Writing-Tablets from VindolandaAlan K. Bowman & J. David Thomas299


Amphora Inscriptions - Legionary Supply? by T. Bezeczky (329)
Adversus ipsam rerum naturam - Note on Tacitus Agricola 33 by F. Borca (337)
Roman Fort and Vicus, Newton Kyme, North Yorkshire by Yvonne Boutwood (340)
A Forum or Mansio in Carlisls? by Ian Caruana (345)
Forest Clearance and the Roman Army by W.S. Hanson (354)
Whose Head on the Bath Temple Pediment? by John Hind (358)
An Inscribed Roman Salt-Pan from Shavington, Cheshire by S. Penney & D.C.A. Shotter (360)
The Conquest of Brigantia and the Development of the Roman Road System in the North-West by Ian Rogers (365)
A 'National Roman Fabric Reference Collection' by Roberta Tomber & John Dore (368)
An Egyptian Red Slip 'A' Sherd from London by Roberta Tomber & David Williams (382)
The Statue of Victory at Colchester by C.J. Simpson (386)
Aerial Photography and the Plan of Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum by Robert Bewley & Michael Fulford (387)

Roman Britain in 1995

I Sites Explored
by B.C. Burnham, L.J.F. Keppie & A.S. Esmonde Cleary (389)


CLWYD - (1) Plas Coch, Wrexham, extensive site (SJ 326517): p.390; (2) Chester - Ruthin Roman road (SJ 3207 6343): p.390; (3) Chester - Caer Gai Roman road, (a) SW of Broughton (SJ 3283 6325), (b) Rhoslydan (SJ 1726 6011): p.390; (4) St Asaph - Caer Gai Roman road, Greenfield Gorse (SJ 0453 7012): p.390; (5) Ruthin, Torino, Brynhyfryd Park, military ditch? (SJ 1304 5821): p.390.

POWYS - (1) Dolau Springs, Penybont to Llanfihangel Rhydithon Roman road (SO 1174 6416 to SO 1598 6733): p.391; (2) Llanspyddid, St Cattwg's Church, Roman cemetery? (SO 0114 2816): p.391; (3) Caersws Roman road north, Coedtalog Farm (SJ 047111), Maescelynog Farm (SJ 048119), Pen-y-Craig Ridge (SJ 048121 to SJ 053126), Pen-y-Craig (SJ 064126), Peniscyffin (SJ 065133), Llyn Llwydiarth (SJ 058177 to SJ 057179): p.391 & fig.2 p.392.

DYFED - (1) Carmarthen/Moridunum, Richmond Terrace, 2nd-phase defences (SN 4140 2040): p.391; (2) Dolaucothi, 'motte' excavations 1991-1993 (SN 663403): p.393; (3) Carmarthen Roman road west, Pwll-y-Hwyaid Farm, Whitland (SN 198174): p.393; (4) Llandovery-Pumsaint Roman road, Erryd Farm (SN 533381), Penybanc Uchaf (SN 731383): p.393.

MID-GLAMORGAN - (1) Penycoedcae, Towers Hotel, Llantrisant Road, marching-camp (ST064880): pp.393/4.

GWENT - (1) Caerleon/Isca Silurum, (i) Broadway House, tabernae on the via principalis (ST 3385 9064), (ii) The Mynde, via sagularis (ST 3419 9055): p.394; (2) Caerwent/Venta Silurum, forum-basilica (ST 467907): pp.394-6 & fig.3; (3) Portskewett, Sudbrook Road, 2nd-4th C. finds (ST 500881): p.396.


TAYSIDE REGION - (1) Cuiltburn, Strageath, rectangular enclosure (NN 893176): p.396; (2) Greenloaning, watch-tower (NN 831072): p.396 & fig.4 p.397; (3) Upper Quoigs, possible watch-tower (NN 821063): p.396; (4) Cleaven Dyke, Meiklour, Neolithic earthwork (c. 3600BC) (NO 162405): p.397.

FIFE REGION - (1) Auchtermuchty, marching-camp (NT 240118): p.397; (2) Edenwood, Cupar, marching-camp (NO 359114): p.398.

CENTRAL REGION - (1) Hillside, Dunblane, marching-camps (NN 775006): p.398.

ANTONINE WALL - (1) Inveravon marching-camps (NS 958797 & NS 961793): p.398; (2) Polmonthill, Grangemouth, Military Way (NS 949795): p.398; (3) Mumrills fort (NS 917794): p.398 & fig.5 p.399; (4) Rough Castle fort, (a) Military Way cobbling (NS 849799), (b) iron axe-head near principia (NS 843798), (c) electricity pylons (NS 8424 7985 & NS 8465 7985), (d) Bonnybridge pylon (NS 830797): p.400; (5) Milnquarter, Bonnybridge, marching-camp (NS 826793): p.400; (6) Garnhall, Castlecary Village, watch-tower (NS 780779): p.400 & fig.6 p.401; (7) Twechar, Bar Hill, resistivity survey (NS 706759): p.400; (8) Shirva, resistivity survey (NS 688755): p.400; (9) Cawder, Bishopbriggs, section across Wall (NS 619727): p.400; (10) Bearsden, geophysical survey of fort S defences (NS 545720): p.400; (11) Cleddans Farm, Drumchapel, negative findings (NS 512723): p.400.

STRATHCLYDE REGION - (1) Girvan, marching-camps (NX 187990): p.401; (2) Midlock Farm, Crawford, Clydesdale, Roman road (NS 958212): p.401.

LOTHIAN REGION - (1) Inveresk, civil settlement, (a) Wedderburn House geophysical survey (NT 348714), Park Lane Hospital trenching (NT 350722): p.402 & fig.7 p.403; (2) Smeaton, Dalkeith, marching-camp (NT 345692): p.402; (3) Cramond fort, Flavian? ditch (NT 189767): p.402.

DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY - (1) Annanfoot marching-camp (NY 181652): p.402; (2) Kirkpatrick-Fleming marching-camps (NY 280703): p.402; (3) Gatehouse of Fleet-Skyre Burn Roman road (NX 579580 to 567571): p.402.

BORDERS REGION - (1) Newstead/Trimontium fort, pottery scatters (NT 5690 3415 and NT 5710 3410): p.403; (2) Newstead, Broomhill marching-camps (NT 578341): pp.403/5 & fig.8; (3) Borthwick Water - Ale Water Roman road (NT 346085 to NT 533231): p.404; (4) North Slipperfield, West Linton, marching-camp (NT 130520): p.404; (5) Oakwood, road alignment (NT 425248 to NT 415222): p.405; (6) Eshiels marching-camps (NT 281395): p.405.



CUMBRIA - (1) Aikton ...

II Inscriptions
by M.W.C. Hassall & R.S.O. Tomlin (439)


  1. Uley, Gloucestershire (ST 789996): rectangle of sheet lead found in 1978 at the West Hill temple of Mercury, inscribed in cursive script (reconstructed): CARTA QVE MERCVRIO DONATVR VT MANECILIS QVI PERIERVNT VLTIONEM REQVIRAT QVI ILLOS INVALAVIT VT ILLI SANGVEM ET SANITATEM TOLLAT QVI IPSOS MANICILIOS TVLIT VT QVANTOCIVS ILLI PAREAT QVOD DEVM MERCVRIVM ROGAMVS [...] VRA; (translation) "The sheet (of lead) which is given to Mercury, that he exact vengeance for the gloves which have been lost; that he take blood and health from the person who has stolen them; that he provide what we ask the god Mercury [...] as quickly as possible for the person who has taken the gloves." pp.439-441 & fig.1.

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. Fishbourne, Chichester (SU 8430 0479): pure gold ring found in 1995 in 1st-century context c. 200 m E of Roman palace, inscribed within bezel: TI ‌ CLAVDI CA ‌ TVARI. p.455, fig.12 p.456 & plate.xxiii.