Britannia XXXV (2004) Index

Main Articles

Early Roman Mosaic Materials in Southern Britain with Particular Reference to Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum): a Regional Geological PerspectiveJ.R.L. Allen & M.G. Fulford9
Geophysical Syrvey of the Vicus at Birdoswald Roman Fort CumbriaJ.A. Biggins & D.J.A. Taylor159
The Roman Fort at Colwyn Castle, Powys (Radnorshire)Sheppard Frere115
Auxiliary Barracks in a New Light: Recent Discoveries on Hadrian's WallN. Hodgson & P.T. Bidwell121
Turkdean Roman Villa, Gloucestershire: Archaeological Investigations 1997-1998Neil Holbrook39
A Roman Bath-house at Duntocher on the Antonine WallLawrence Keppie179
Vespasian, Auctoritas and BritainDavid Shotter1
The North Leigh Roman Villa: its Plan ReviewedDavid R. Wilson77


The Haverfield Bequest: a Further Note by Alan Bowman (225)
Two Hairpins from Surrey by Joanna Bird (225)
The God Silvanus Callirius and RIB 194, from Colchester by Andrew Breeze (228)
A Possible Date for the Silchester Roman 'Church' by Stephen R. Cosh (229)
Britons and Saxons on the Eastern Boundary of the Civitas Durotrigum by Bruce Eagles (234)
A Possible Name for a Landowner at Brading Villa by Rosamund Hanworth (240)
C.L. in the Titulature of Coh. II Tungrorum by D.B. Saddington (244)
A Roman FOrt at St Asaph and the Location of Varis by E Waddelove (248)

Roman Britain in 2003

I Sites Explored
by B.C. Burnham, F. Hunter & A.P. Fitzpatrick (253-316)

II Finds Reported under the Portable Antiquities Scheme
by Sally Worrell (317-334)


III Inscriptions
by R.S.O. Tomlin & M.W.C. Hassall (335-350)


  1. Shadwell 172-176 The Highway, East London (TQ 34836 80702): top right corner of white marble slab found in 2002 in Roman bath-house: [...]VS|[...]ET|[...]. p.335
  2. Farley Heath Roman Temple, Surrey (TQ050449): irregular lead strip found near the S. edge of the temenos in 1995: inner face: DEO DAVIIS[...]SENI[S]LIS|SENNI[...]|[...]; outer face: [DENARIIS] III MILIBUS[...AVR]ELIVS SE[...] (text reconstructed). pp.335/6
  3. Ratcliffe-on-Soar Red Hill, Nottinghamshire (SK494304): Oval lead tablet found on the site of the Roman Temple in 1963, possibly 4th C.: ANNOTO DE DVAS|OCRIAS ASCIA[M] SCAL|PRU[M] MA[N]ICA[M] SI M[ULIER] AV[T] SI|B[ARO] RIANTINE DVAS|PARTIS DEO AC CEVM. pp.336/7
  4. Chester/Deva Old B.T. Exchange, Boughton (SJ 4126 6645): slate slab fragment found in 2002 dumped on an ancient stream bed along with over 50 coins and complete pottery vessels: [...]|[...]SLLM[...]|[...]PETR[...]|[...]. p.338
  5. Carlisle/Luguvalium Scotch Street (NY404553): red sandstone slab fragment found in 2003, a recessed panel suggests part of a tombstone: [...]RM|[...]VLIA|[...]VXET|[...]AET|[...]. p.338

only items of military or special note are listed here

  1. Carlisle/Luguvalium N. of Castle Way (NY 3974 5614): samian cup sherd found in praetentura of Roman fort in 2000: AP. p.339
  1. Carlisle/Luguvalium N. of Castle Way (NY 3974 5614): five conjoining sherds of samian dish found in praetentura of Roman fort in 2000: MAGL[...]. p.340
  1. Aldwincle Northamptonshire (TL0081): fragment of copper-alloy military diplomata: inner face: [...]R DIVI TRAI[...]|[...]NVS HA[...]|[...]NICIA PO[...]; outer face: LOR PE[...]|GRIPPIA[...]|NERVI[...]|LINGO[...]|∞ ET I[...]|IA[...]. p.343
  1. High Rochester/Bremenium Northumberland (NY8398): rectangular lead seal found in 2002: CIL. p.343
  1. Ilam Staffordshire Moorlands (SK11360): copper alloy pan found in 2003 by metal detectorists: RIGOREVΛLIΛELIDRΛRACONIS MΛIS COGGΛBΛTΛ VXELODVNVM CΛMMOGIΛNNΛ. pp.344/5

only items of military or special note are listed here