Bach Camp

Kimbolton, Hereford & Worcester

NGRef: SO547602
OSMap: LR137/149
Sitetype: IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

Irregular-shaped enclosure, double rampart with medial ditch. Original entrance at S end has inner scarp turned inwards on each side of opening. Entrance to N, through a simple gap in the rampart is also possibly original. NW angle is considerably damaged and entrance here is probably not contemporary with others. Main rampart up to 5.1m high, counterscarp on N and E averages 1.8m high. Large stones on site, especially on side of inner rampart on N. Site of stone-lined well.

"Bach Camp, hill-fort (SO/547603) 3¼ miles ENE of Leominster (A44, A49), 1¾ miles SE of Kimbolton (B4553). Though small (area 6¼ acres), the defences of this camp are stout and elaborate. Steep slopes on all sides are augmented by a bank, ditch and counterscarp bank. Everywhere the innermost bank is very denuded. Between it and the second bank on the NW side there is a very wide, shallow ditch or scoop. There is an in-turned entrance at the S end, and othres at the NW and N : of these the former may be modern. Not dated."
GtPE, p.145.