Barbury Castle

Wroughton, Wiltshire

NGRef: SU149763
OSMap: LR173
Sitetype: IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

This egg-shaped fort lies on the edge of the Marlborough Downs and is protected by 2 strong banks and deep ditches. There is an inturned entrance on the west and a curved outer earthwork protecting the gate on the east. Traces of huts and storage pits have been noted on AP's, and Iron Age jewelry and chariot fittings have been found within the enclosure. The ridgeway follows the edge of the downs and passes below the fort to the N.

A small hoard of metalwork including reaping hooks, knives, spear-heads and a 'nave band', were originally dated to around 200-50BC, but re-examination has suggested that a later dating perhaps to the early-1st century cannot be ruled out.

See the article Ironwork Hoards in Iron Age and Roman Britain by W.H. Manning in Britannia III (1972) pp.224-250