Berth Hill

Maer, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

NGRef: SJ788390
OSMap: LR127
Sitetype: Iron Age Hillfort

Iron-Age Contour Hillfort

A small, triangular contour fort on a prominent sandstone spur, with a double bank and intermediate ditch. The weaker north-north-east side has an extra bank and ditch. An inturned entrance on the west is approached by a hollow way, while a simpler entrance on the north-east is approached by a track. A spring within the east rampart provided a water supply. There were four phases of development:

  1. Timber-laced rampart with ditch and counterscarp constructed c. early Iron-Age;
  2. Box rampart widened to take superimposed glacis bank, shortly after phase-1;
  3. period of neglect and rampart collapse;
  4. Hurried reconstruction with massive earth and stone dump ramparts up to 50 feet (c.15m) wide and ditches recut. Gaps in the phase-2 rampart to the south were blocked with stone rubble. Subsequent disuse shortly after this phase suggest that the fort was reinforced and abandoned following the Roman advance through the area.