Brandon Camp

Here & Worc

NGRef: SO400724
OSMap: LR137/148
Sitetype: IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

Roughly triangular enclosure with rounded corners and slightly curved sides. The hill has a short but steep natural scarp on NW, the upper part of which has been steepened. The S and E sides were protected by a single rampart, and the E side was further proteced by an outer ditch, with a small inner rampart starting at the E end of the scarp. Original entrances at N apex and at centre of E side were simple gaps in the ramparts. Sited on W side of low hill overlooking the confluence of the Clun with the Teme, and directly S of the site of the Roman Forts at Bravonium (Branogenium). Postholes of Iron-Age buildings and small amounts of IA pottery were found during excavations, together with evidence of Romano-British occupation. One circular Iron-Age building had rock-cut foundations 22-23' in diameter. AP's of site revealed crop marks inside, with evidence of silting, and the E ditch.

Sun 2nd May 1999: Walking along the high path between Wigmore Abbey and Adforton (in order of abundance); Stitchwort (predominates), Red Campion, Wood Forget-Me-Not, Bluebell (and Albino Bluebell in same group by the roadside), Yellow Arkangel and Ground Ivy, Dog Violet, Brooklime and Speedwell.