Map of Iron-age Britain

This map shows the location of every major pre-Roman monument in England and Wales. The map is not clickable. Yet!

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Neolithic/Iron Age
Bronze/Iron Ages
Neolithic/Bronze/Iron Ages
Bathampton Down, Avon
Cadbury Camp, Avon
Dolebury, Avon
Maes Knoll, Avon
Sodbury Camp, Avon
Solsbury, Avon
Stanton Drew, Avon
Stantonbury, Avon
Stokeleigh Camp, Avon
Worlebury, Avon
Five Knolls, Bedfordshire
Maiden Bower, Bedfordshire
Ravensburgh, Bedfordshire
Caesar's Camp, Easthampstead, Berkshire
Coombe Gibbet, Berkshire
Grim's Ditch, Aldworth, Berkshire
Seven Barrows, Lambourne, Berkshire
Walbury, Berkshire
Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire
Flag Fen, Cambridgeshire
Stonea Camp, Cambridgeshire
Wandlebury, Cambridgeshire
Eddisbury, Cheshire
Helsby Hill, Cheshire
Kelsborrow Castle, Cheshire
Maiden Castle, Bickerton, Cheshire
Eston Nab, Cleveland
Ballowall (Carn Gloose), Cornwall
Berry Castle, Cornwall
Bodrifty, Cornwall
Carn Brea, Cornwall
Carn Euny, Cornwall
Castle Dore, Cornwall
Castle an Dinas, Gulval, Cornwall
Castle an Dinas, St. Columb Major, Cornwall
Chun Castle, Cornwall
Chysauster, Cornwall
Dodman Point, Cornwall
Duloe Circle, Cornwall
The Hurlers, Cornwall
Kestle Rings, Cornwall
Lanyon Quoit, Cornwall
The Longstone, Cornwall
Maen Castle, Cornwall
Men-an-Tol, Cornwall
Merry Maidens, Cornwall
Mulfra Quoit, Cornwall
Nine Maidens, Cornwall
Rough Tor, Cornwall
The Rumps, Cornwall
Stannon, Cornwall
Stowe's Round, Cornwall
Stripple Stones, Cornwall
Tintagel, Cornwall
Tregeare Rounds, Cornwall
Tregiffian, Cornwall
Trereen Dinas, Cornwall
Treryn Dinas, Cornwall
Trevethy Quoit, Cornwall
Trevelgue Head, Cornwall
Veryan, Cornwall
Warbstow Bury, Cornwall
Zennor Quoit, Cornwall
Birker Fell, Cumbria
Corney Fell, Cumbria
Sunbrick, Cumbria
Swinside Fell, Cumbria
Burnmoor, Cumbria
Carrock Fell, Cumbria
Castle Crag, Cumbria
Castlerigg, Cumbria
Crosby Garrett, Cumbria
Ewe Close, Cumbria
Hugill, Cumbria
King Arthur's Round Table, Cumbria
Long Meg and her Daughters, Cumbria
Mayburgh, Cumbria
Moor Divock, Cumbria
Stockdale Moor, Cumbria
Arbor Low, Derbyshire
Bull Ring, Derbyshire
Eyam Moor, Derbyshire
Fin Cop, Derbyshire
Gardom's Edge, Derbyshire
Harthill Moor, Derbyshire
Hob Hurst's House, Derbyshire
Mam Tor, Derbyshire
Minning Low, Derbyshire
Nine Ladies, Derbyshire
Beacon Castle, Devon
Blackbury Castle, Devon
Bolt Tail, Devon
Burley Wood, Devon
Chapman Barrows, Devon
Clovelly Dykes, Devon
Corringdon Ball, Devon
Countisbury, Devon
Cranbrook Castle, Devon
Drizzlecombe, Devon
Dumpdon, Devon
Erme Valley, Devon
Farway Hill, Devon
Five Barrows, Exmoor, Devon
Foale's Arrishes, Devon
Grimspound, Devon
Hamel Down, Devon
Hembury, Devon
Hillsborough, Devon
Holne Moor, Devon
Kent's Cavern, Devon
Kestor, Devon
Legis Tor, Devon
Long Stone, Devon
Longstone Barrow, Devon
Martinhoe Common, Devon
Merrivale, Devon
Milber Down, Devon
Myrtleberry North, Devon
Myrtleberry South, Devon
Oldbury Castle, Devon
Prestonbury Castle, Devon
Rider's Rings, Devon
Roborough Castle, Devon
Shaugh Moor, Devon
Shoulsbury, Devon
Shovel Down, Devon
Spinster's Rock, Devon
Stock Castle, Devon
Trowlesworthy Warren, Devon
Voley Castle, Devon
White Tor, Devon
Woodbury Castle, Devon
Badbury Rings, Dorset
Bindon Hill, Dorset
Came Wood, Dorset
Chalbury, Dorset
Maumbury Rings, Dorset
Dorset Cursus, Dorset
Eggardon, Dorset
Hambledon Hill, Dorset
Hengistbury Head, Dorset
Hod Hill, Dorset
Kingston Russell, Dorset
Knowlton Circles, Dorset
Maiden Castle, Dorset
Martin's Down, Dorset
Nine Stones, Dorset
Oakley Down, Dorset
Pilsdon Pen, Dorset
Pimperne, Dorset
Spettisbury Rings, Dorset
Winterbourne Poor Lot, Dorset
Woolsbarrow, Dorset
The Hamsterley Castles, Durham
Ambresbury Banks, Essex
Colchester Dykes, Essex
Wallbury, Essex
Bagendon, Gloucestershire
Belas Knap, Gloucestershire
The Bulwarks, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire
Crickley Hill, Gloucestershire
Gatcombe, Gloucestershire
Haresfield Beacon, Gloucestershire
Hetty Pegler's Tump, Gloucestershire
Leighterton, Gloucestershire
Lydney, Gloucestershire
Notgrove, Gloucestershire
Nympsfield, Gloucestershire
Salmonsbury, Gloucestershire
Uley Bury, Gloucestershire
West Tump, Gloucestershire
Windmill Tump, Gloucestershire
Beacon Hill, Hampshire
Buckland Rings, Hampshire
Bullsdown, Hampshire
Butser Hill, Hampshire
Castle Ditches, Hampshire
Danebury, Hampshire
Ladle Hill, Hampshire
Old Winchester Hill, Hampshire
Petersfield Heath, Hampshire
Popham Beacons, Hampshire
Quarley Hill, Hampshire
Setley Plain, Hampshire
Seven Barrows, Burghclare, Hampshire
St. Catherine's Hill, Hampshire
Woolbury Ring, Hampshire
Aconbury, Here & Worc
Arthur's Stone, Dorstone, Here & Worc
Backbury, Here & Worc
Bredon Hill, Here & Worc
Capler Camp, Here & Worc
Credenhill, Here & Worc
Croft Ambrey, Here & Worc
Herefordshire Beacon, Here & Worc
King Arthur's Cave, Here & Worc
Midsummer Hill, Here & Worc
Pyon Wood Camp, Here & Worc
Sutton Walls, Here & Worc
Wall Hills, Here & Worc
Woodbury Hill, Here & Worc
The Aubreys, Hertfordshire
Beech Bottom, Hertfordshire
Thurfield Heath, Hertfordshire
Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire
Danes Graves, Humberside
Rudston, Humberside
Willy Howe, Humberside
Chillerton Down, Isle of Wight
Five Barrows, Shalcombe, Isle of Wight
Bigbury, Kent
Coldrum, Kent
Dry Hill Camp, Kent
Julliebarries's Grave, Kent
Kit's Coty House, Kent
Little Kit's Coty House, Kent
Loose, Kent
Oldbury, Ightham, Kent
Quarry Wood, Kent
Bleasdale Circle, Lancashire
Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire
Burrough Hill, Leicestershire
Beacon Plantation, Lincolnshire
Bully Hills, Lincolnshire
Deadmen's Graves, Lincolnshire
Hoe Hill, Lincolnshire
Honington Camp, Lincolnshire
Spellow Hills, Lincolnshire
Arminghall, Norfolk
Grime's Graves, Norfolk
Holkham Camp, Norfolk
Castle Hill, Thetford, Norfolk
Warham Camp, Norfolk
West Rudham, Norfolk
Borough Hill, Northamptonshire
Hunsbury Hill, Northamptonshire
Rainsborough, Northamptonshire
Brough Law, Northumberland
Castle Hill, Northumberland
Doddington Moor, Northumberland
Greave's Ash, Northumberland
Harehaugh Hill, Northumberland
Lordenshaws, Northumberland
Old Bewick, Northumberland
Roughting Linn, Northumberland
Swinburne, Northumberland
Yeavering Bell, Northumberland
Creswell Crags, Nottinghamshire
Blewburton, Oxfordshire
Cherbury Camp, Oxfordshire
Dyke Hills, Oxfordshire
Grim's Ditch, Ditchley, Oxfordshire
Grim's Ditch, Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Hoar Stone, Oxfordshire
Lyneham, Oxfordshire
Sinodun Camp, Oxfordshire
Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire
Wayland's Smithy, Oxfordshire
The White Horse, Oxfordshire
Abdon Burf, Shropshire
Burrow Camp, Shropshire
Bury Ditches, Shropshire
Bury Walls, Shropshire
Caer Caradoc, Church Stretton, Shropshire
Caynham Camp, Shropshire
Caer Caradoc, Knighton, Shropshire
Coxall Knoll, Shropshire
The Ditches, Shropshire
Earl's Hill, Shropshire
Mitchell's Fold, Shropshire
Nordybank, Shropshire
Norton Camp, Shropshire
Old Oswestry, Shropshire
The Roveries, Shropshire
The Walls, Shropshire
The Wrekin, Shropshire
Bat's Castle, Somerset
Brent Knoll, Somerset
Cadbury Caste, Somerset
Chains Barrow, Somerset
Cow Castle, Somerset
Dowsborough, Somerset
Gorsey Bigbuy, Somerset
Gough's Cave, Somerset
Ham Hill, Somerset
Maesbury Castle, Somerset
Pen Pits, Somerset
Priddy Circles, Somerset
Ruborough Camp, Somerset
Somerset Levels, Somerset
Somerset Levels, Meare, Somerset
Stoney Littleton, Somerset
Trendle Ring, Somerset
Withypool Hill, Somerset
Wookey Hole, Somerset
Berry Ring, Staffordshire
Berth Hill, Staffordshire
Bridestones, Staffordshire
Bury Bank, Staffordshire
Castle Ring, Staffordshire
Devil's Ring and Finger, Staffordshire
Five Wells, Staffordshire
Thor's Cave, Staffordshire
Anstiebury, Surrey
Caesar's Camp, Farnham, Surrey
The Devil's Jumps, Surrey
Hascombe Camp, Surrey
Holmbury Hill, Surrey
Bevis's Thumb, Sussex
Bow Hill, Sussex
The Caburn, Sussex
Cissbury Hill, Sussex
Coombe Hill, Sussex
Devil's Dyke, Brighton, Sussex
Firle Beacon, Sussex
Harrow Hill, Sussex
Highdown Hill, Sussex
High Rocks, Sussex
Hollingbury, Sussex
Hunter's Burgh, Sussex
The Long Man, Sussex
Saxonbury, Sussex
The Trundle, Sussex
Whitehawk, Sussex
Burrow Hill, Warwickshire
Oakley Hill Camp, Warwickshire
Oldbury Camp, Hartshill, Warwickshire
Rollright Stones, Warwickshire
Wappenbury, Warwickshire
Wychbury, West Midlands
Avebury, Wiltshire
Barbury Castle, Wiltshire
Battlesbury, Wiltshire
Bratton Castle, Wiltshire
Chiselbury Camp, Wiltshire
Cley Hill, Wiltshire
Figsbury Ring, Wiltshire
Knap Hill, Wiltshire
Liddington Castle, Wiltshire
Marden, Wiltshire
Normanton Down, Wiltshire
Old Sarum, Wiltshire
The Sanctuary, Wiltshire
Scratchbury, Wiltshire
Sidbury, Wiltshire
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
Stonehenge, Wiltshire
West Kennet, Wiltshire
Whitesheet Hill, Wiltshire
Windmill Hill, Wiltshire
Winkelbury, Wiltshire
Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
Woodhenge, Wiltshire
Yarnbury, Wiltshire
Aberford Dykes, Yorkshire
Almondbury, Yorkshire
Carl Wark, Yorkshire
Castle Dykes, Yorkshire
Devil's Arrows, Yorkshire
Duggleby Howe, Yorkshire
Grassington, Yorkshire
Grimston, Yorkshire
Ingleborough, Yorkshire
Maiden Castle, Yorkshire
Ribblehead, Yorkshire
Rombalds Moor, Yorkshire
Scamridge Dykes, Yorkshire
Thornborough Circles, Yorkshire
Victoria Cave, Yorkshire
Wheat Beck, Yorkshire
Castleton Rigg, Yorkshire
Danby Rigg, Yorkshire
Great Ayton, Yorkshire
High Bride Stones, Yorkshire
Loose Howe, Yorkshire
Stanwick, Yorkshire
Bach-wen, NWales
Barclodiad y Gawres, NWales
Beacon Ring, NWales
Bedd Taliesin, NWales
Bodowyr, NWales
Breidden Hill, NWales
Brenig, NWales
Bryn Cader Faner, NWales
Bryn Celli Ddu, NWales
Bryn yr Hen Bobl, NWales
Bwrdd Arthur, NWales
Caer Drewyn, NWales
Caer Euni, NWales
Caer Leb, NWales
Caer y Twr, NWales
Caerau, NWales
Capel Garmon, NWales
Carn Fadrun, NWales
Carn Pentrych, NWales
Carneddau Hengwm, NWales
Castell Bryn Gwyn, NWales
Castell Dinas Bran, NWales
Castell Odo, NWales
Cefn Carnedd, NWales
Cefn y Castell, NWales
Conwy Mountain, NWales
Corsygedol, NWales
Craig Rhiwarth, NWales
Din Dryfol, NWales
Din Lligwy, NWales
Dinas Dinnle, NWales
Dinas Dinorwig, NWales
Dinas Emrys, NWales
Druid's Circle, NWales
Dyffryn, NWales
Ffridd Faldwyn, NWales
Foel Fenlli, NWales
Garn Boduan, NWales
Gop Hill, NWales
Lligwy, NWales
Llynnau, NWales
Maen y Bardd, NWales
Moel Arthur, NWales
Moel Goedog, NWales
Moel Hiraddug, NWales
Moel y Gaer, Bodfari, NWales
Moel y Gaer, Llanbedr, NWales
Moel y Gaer, Llantysilio, NWales
Pen y Cloddiau, NWales
Pen y Corddyn, NWales
Pen Y Gaer,?, NWales
Pen Y Gaer,?, NWales
Penrhosfeilw, NWales
Presaddfed, NWales
Trefignath, NWales
Tregwehelydd, NWales
Two Tumps, NWales
Ty-mawr, NWales
Tynewydd, NWales
Allt yr Esgair, SWales
Arthur's Stone, SWales
The Bulwark, SWales
The Bulwarks, SWales
Burfa Camp, SWales
Y Bwlwarcau, SWales
Car Cadwgan, SWales
Caer Penrhos, SWales
Caerau Gaer, SWales
Carn Bugail, SWales
Carn Goch, SWales
Carn Ingli, SWales
Carn Llechart, SWales
Carn Turne, SWales
Carreg Coetan Arthur, SWales
Carreg Hirfaen, SWales
Carreg Samson, SWales
Cas-fuwch, SWales
Castell dinas, SWales
Castell Heinif, SWales
Castell Penpleidiau, SWales
Castall Tinboeth, SWales
The Castle, ?, SWales
Cerrig Duon, SWales
Cerrig y Gof, SWales
Cil Ifor Top, SWales
Clegyr Boya, SWales
Craig Gwrtheyrn, SWales
Crug Hywel, SWales
Crug yr Afan, SWales
Dinas Powis, SWales
Dolgamfa, SWales
Dry Burrows, SWales
Foel Drygarn, SWales
Four Stones, SWales
Gaer Fawr, SWales
Gors Fawr, SWales
Gwal y Filiast, SWales
Gwernvale, SWales
Hanging Stone, SWales
Harold Stone, SWales
Harold's Stones, SWales
Hirnant, SWales
Lady Stone, SWales
Llanmelin Camp, SWales
Llech Gron, SWales
Llech y Trlbedd, SWales
The Long Stone, SWales
Maen Llia, SWales
Maen Madoc, SWales
Marloes, SWales
Meini Gwyr, SWales
Mynydd Llangyndeyrn, SWales
Nant-y-maen, SWales
Parc Cwm, SWales
Parc y Meirw, SWales
Paviland, SWales
Pen Dinas, SWales
Pen y Crug, SWales
Penmaen Burrows, SWales
Pentre Ifan, SWales
Penywyrlod, SWales
Portskewett, SWales
The Rath, SWales
Romans Castle, SWales
St. David's Head, SWales
St. Lythans, SWales
Sampson's Jack, SWales
Skomer Island, SWales
Sudbrook Camp, SWales
Tinkinswood, SWales
Tower Point, SWales
Tre-hill, SWales
Twlc y Filiast, SWales
Twyn y Gaer, SWales
Twyn y Garth, SWales
Ty Illtud, SWales
Ty Isaf, SWales
Waun Pwtlyn, SWales