Bury Bank

The Rings, Meaford, Stone, Staffordshire

NGRef: SJ88203590
OSMap: LR127
Sitetype: IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

A small hillfort of pre-Roman Iron-Age enclosed by an earthen bank and ditch, and in some places by a smaller counterscarp bank. The entrance passage is on the W, formed by deep inturns of the ramparts around 30m in length. Within the interior, at the S end lies a raised mound, said to be the burial place of Wulfhere, King of Mercia between 657-676AD.

Bury Bank, hill-fort (SJ/883359) 1¾ miles NW of Stone (A34, A51, A520), in angle formed by join of A51 and A34. - This fort must have been sited to command the Trent. It is roughly oval and encloses 3½ acres. The defences consist of a bank, ditch and counterscarp bank, the latter set well forward of the ditch. These do not show very distinctly because the soft subsoil has caused the banks and ditch to collapse ; these features are clearest along the S and SW. There is a well-defined, in-turned entrance facing WNW, opposite the farm on A51. Not dated.
GtPE, p.198