Chanctonbury Ring

Washington, Sussex

NGRef: TQ139121
OSMap: LR198
Sitetype: IAf,RBt

Iron-Age Hillfort

A small pear-shaped fort dating to 400 - 300BC. It has a single rampart of dump contruction, and an external ditch, with some extra defences to the west and east, and a simple entrance gap on the south-west. The appoaches along the spur to the west and south-east are barred by cross-dykes, positioned some 440 yards (400m) away from the main defences. Among the beech trees planted in the interior of the fort during the 18th century can be seen a small, rectangular, Romano-British temple of the 1st or 2nd century. It has a rectangular cella or shrine with walls of flint and mortar surrounded by a rectangular outer enclosure or temenos.