Chun Castle

Morvah, Cornwall

NGRef: SW405339
OSMap: LR203
Sitetype: Ncb/IAf

Chun Castle Hillfort

A small, round fort, just 280 feet (85m) in diameter, is still impressive despite the robbing of much of its stone to provide paving for the streets of nearby Penzance, the rampart surviving in places up to 9 feet (2.7m) high. The fort is encircled by a double drystone rampart of granite with external ditches. There is an entrance on the south-west flanked by huge stone gate-posts. The fort was originally constructed during the 3rd/2nd centuries BC, and several Iron-Age round-houses discovered in the interior, were overlain by later, sixth-century rectangular lodges. Inside the defences was a blocked-up well near the north-west rampart, and several smelting-pits have been found on the site, one yielding a 12lb (5.4kg) lump of metal.

Chun Quoit Neolithic Chambered Tomb

Situated just one hundred metres west of the Iron Age hillfort are the remains of an ancient burial chamber dating to the New Stone Age. This denuded monument consists of four huge upright slabs enclosing an area 6 feet (1.8m) square and topped by a massive 8 feet (2.4m) square capstone. The round barrow which originally covered the tomb has since been eroded by the passage of time, but once measured 35 feet (10.7m) in diameter. The surrounding area abounds with Neolithic and Bronze-Age sites, of particular note are the Lanyon Quoits, two Neolithic chambered long barrows, the nearest of which lies just over a mile to the east.