Earl's Hill


NGRef: SJ408047
OSMap: LR126
Sitetype: IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

Earl's Hill, Pontesford Hill, hill-forts (SJ/408046) 1 mile E of Pontesbury (A488). The main hill-fort encloses c. 3 acres of the hill-top, a bank, ditch and intermittent counterscarp following the W side and both ends. Defences along the E side are unnecessary. The entrance is at the N where the short length of E rampart is in-turned and that on the W out-turned. A further 4 acres is enclosed by an annexe whose W bank and intermittent counterscarp follows the 900 ft. contour : E defences are not needed. There is a cross-ditch with outer bank 300 ft. N of the main hill-fort, with central entrance, and another, bank only, 400 ft. further N, with an in-turned entrance near its N end. Both outworks may be unfinshed. A multivallate camp enclosing ¾ acre is 300 ft. down the slope to the N, is entrance facing up the slope. Neither is dated.

GtPE, p.184