Brighton, Sussex

NGRef: TQ322078
OSMap: LR198
Sitetype: IAf

Bronze Age Barrow Cemetery

Within the Iron-Age enclosure there are four disc-barrows, one of which was found to contain Bronze-Age axe-heads and personal decorative artifacts. The site lies to the west of the modern A27 and is accessible to the public via a path beside the golf course. The timbers of the two gate-houses and the position of the rampart uprights are marked with metal plates. The Bronze-Age finds are held in the British Museum collection, while many other items are displayed in the Brighton Museum nearby.

The Iron-Age Hillfort

This small hillfort of around 8¾ acres (c.3.5ha) is roughly square in outline and was protected by a single box-rampart constructed of chalk rubble encased between timber uprights fronted by a single ditch around 10 feet (3m) wide. Simple entrances were located on the east and west sides. The fort was possibly started sometime around the 6th/5th century BC, although most of the construction evidence belongs to the 3rd.