Maiden Bower

Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire

NGRef: SP997224
OSMap: LR166
Sitetype: Nce/IAf

Neolithic Causewayed Camp

The flat-bottomed ditch characteristic of a New Stone Age causewayed encampment was discovered beneath the defences of the later Iron Age fort during modern quarrying, which has partly destroyed the north of the site.

Iron Age Plateau Fort

This small, roughly-circular fort was defended by a single bank and v-shaped ditch which encloses an area of about 11 acres (C.4.5ha). The only entrance was on the south-east, and the discovery of several skeletons and a large number of sling-stones in this area suggest a devastating attack on the inhabitants sometime during the Iron Age. The interior of the fort is currently under the plough, and aerial photographs have revealed an extensive iron-age field system surrounding the site, including several outlying round-houses.