Mitchell's Fold

Chirbury, Salop

NGRef: SO304984
OSMap: LR137
Sitetype: BAsc

Bronze-Age Stone Circle

Mitchell's Fold Stone Circle Bronze Age Chirbury 137(SO:304983) E of Chirbury and the A490. In clearing among bracken in heathland on lower slopes of Stapely Hill. - Also known as Medgel's or Medgley's Fold (after a giant who used to milk his cows in this enclosue), this conspicuous monument is in a superb setting on high, dry heathland with a good view westward to Wales. There are 16 unworked dolerite stones, up to 1.8m tall, and 10 of them ae still erect. There used to be more, as is shown by their iregular spacing. They form a flattened circle of 26/28m diameter. There may have been a central stone, and 70m to the SW is a ston called 'the altar' on a cairn. About 2km to the NE is a similar flattened circle, the Hoarstones (SO:324 999), with a centre stone, but it is far less impressive, and lies, overgrown, in a marshy field.
tSGtBA, p.177