NGRef: SO575847
OSMap: LR137/138
Sitetype: IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

Nordy Bank, hill-fort (SO/576847) 7½ miles NE of Ludlow (A49, A4117), ¾ mile E of Clee St Margaret (N of B4364). - The camp is D-shaped and encloses 7 acres. Its defences comprise a single bank and ditch, and there are traces of an outer defence c. 100 yds. N and NW. In most places the rampart is at least 6 ft. above the level of the groound within. There are several entrance gaps. That to the SW is in-turned and must be original. Of the other gaps in the defences, that at the NE may also be prehistoric. Not dated.
GtPE, p.184