Oldbury Hill

Ightham, Kent

NGRef: TQ582561
OSMap: LR188
Sitetype: ic/IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

The fort (now tree-covered) is protected by a steep cliff to the E and by a single bank and ditch elsewhere, which was doubled in places. There seems to be 2 constructional phases; in c.100BC a small rampart and v-shaped ditch were built, with entrances on the S and NE. In the face of threats in either 50BC or 43AD, several modifications were made; the bank was enlarged and the ditch recut, caches of sling stones were collected. The timber gate at the NE entrance was destroyed by fire seemingly during this period. In the steep slopes below the E side of the hillfort (at grid ref. TQ:584565) and 400m S of the NE entrance are two sandstone hollows, now covered by vegetation. Excavations revealed 40 well-made hand-axes and hundreds of flakes and tools indicating that the site was occupied by Neanderthal man and continued to be habited, or served as a workshop, for a considerable period of time.