Rough Tor

St Breward, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

NGRef: SX141815
OSMap: LR200
Sitetype: BAs/BAfs/BAsc/IAf

Bronze Age Settlement & Field Systems

There are several Bronze Age enclosures, hut-circles and field-systems scattered along a half-mile stretch of the ancient track which ascends the north-west slope of the hill.

Probable Iron Age Hillfort

The summit of the hill was enclosed by a small fort with drystone defences, double on the west but single on the steeper eastern side. The interior of the fort contains traces of several circular huts. The fort is undated but probably dates to the late-Bronze/early-Iron Age, perhaps 1,000 - 700 BC.

Fernacre Bronze Age Stone Circle

Nearby on Roughtor Moor (at SX144800) lies the Fernacre Stone Circle. This small Bronze Age monument contains around 52 small granite stones, 39 of which are still standing.