The Caburn

Glynde, Sussex

NGRef: TQ444089
OSMap: LR198
Sitetype: IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

A circular fort located on top of Mt Caburn which affords fine views of the surrounding area. It has a massive timber-laced outer rampart, a smaller inner rampart, and a ditch between. The main entrance was on the NE. The site seems to have begun as a farming settlement surrounded by a palisade in c.500BC. In the face of the Roman advance, the defences were strengthened and the outer rampart built, but the fort was sacked and its gate burned. Finds include: grain storage-pits, traces of metal-working (crucibles and iron slag), weaving equipment and iron objects. About 457 metres (ΒΌ mile) to the W is the single rampart of Ranscombe Camp, which may be an unfinished fort.