Trevelgue Head

Newquay, Cornwall

NGRef: SW825630
OSMap: LR200
Sitetype: IAcc

Iron Age Cliff Castle / Promontory Fort

This fort is located on a spur of land overlooking Newquay bay from the north-east, and was originally defended by six ramparts and ditches, which made this promontory fort virtually impregnable. These formidable defences were enhanced by the forces of nature at some time during the forts early history, when a violent storm dashed away the narrow strip of land connecting the promontory to the mainland; Trevelgue Head then became a tidal island. The evidence of bronze-smelting and the presence of two large round-barrows proves that settlement began in the Bronze Age, perhaps one or two millenia BC, and occupation of the site continued uninterrupted, well into the Middle Ages.