Wapley Hill

Combe Wood, Hereford & Worcester

NGRef: SO345624
OSMap: LR137/148
Sitetype: IAf

Iron-Age Hillfort

Roughly triangular in shape having an internal area of around 20½ acres (c.8.25ha) with an annexe on S side. Main camp on S side defended by 3 ramparts with 2 intermedial ditches and substantial spoil ditch within enclosure. W end has 3 ramparts, with the proper entance in the NW corner. The N side is the steepest, and is protected by 2 scarps with intermediate berm. An entrance at E end is approached by a sunken way, and another entrance in SW corner has inner rampart turned inwards on E side. The outer enclosure is defended on S by 2 ramparts and intermedial ditch, and possibly an outer ditch

Wapley Hill, hill-fort and barrows (SO/345625) 2¼ miles SE of Presteigne (B4355, B4362), reached by track N from road joining Stansbach and Combe Moor (B4362). - This site stands on top of a hill which rises 600 ft. above, and commands, the River Lugg. It covers an area of 25 acres. The N side of the hill-fort is protected by a precipitous hillsideThe other 2 sides of this triangular fortress are formed, on the S, by 4 banks and ditches, and on the E by 5. Of the latter, the outer 2 are separated from the inner banks by a flat space. The entrance is in the middle of the S side and is elaboratelyin-turned - particularly the innermost bank on the E side. The outermost bank on this side, which, like that on the W side of the entrance, has been brought forward nearly 50 yds., curves N to block the space between it and the inner banks. This passage-way to the interior is oblique to the line of the earth-works and is 125 yds. long. The defencess on the N side appear now as a very slight bank, the steep hillside making unnecessary anything more. There may have been another original entrance at the N apex of the camp. Not Dated.

GtPE, pp.151/2