Yarnbury Castle

Steeple Longford, Wiltshire

NGRef: SU035404
OSMap: LR184
Sitetype: BAe/IAf

Bronze-Age Enclosure

First occupation of this site was possibly around the 7th - 5th centuries BC, when a circular enclosure of 4ha was built on top of the hill. This bronze-age fort was protected by a single, timber-revetted rampart fronted by a deep v-shaped ditch, with a simple entrance on the west.

Iron-Age Hillfort

In the 1st century BC, the fort was expanded to 10.5ha by the addition of roughly circular earthworks, consisting of two massive banks and ditches, in the order of 7.6m high/deep, with traces of a third external rampart. This fort was provided with a formidable inturned entrance passage, 9m wide and with complex outworks on the east. There is a small, triangular enclosure outside the fort to the west, which may be Roman.