The Britons in Roman Britain

Brittani in Britanniarum Romanorum

This menu provides access to pages which detail the 'civilised' side of Roman Britain, introducing the tribes who inhabited these islands during the Late Pre-Roman Iron-Age (LPRIA) and provided the citizens of the Roman province. There are gazetteers listing its colonies, spas and towns, its minor settlements, rural villas and fortified road-stations, also the pagan gods worshipped by the Britons, together with their temples, altars and shrines.

British Tribes
Britain was divided into a number of tribal territories, some large and powerful, others small and insignificant, those who opposed Rome and those who welcomed the trappings of civilisation.
Romano-British Settlement
This index discusses the different types of Romano-British settlement, the Coloniae for retired Roman soldiers, the tribal Civitates, the fortified burghs and the provincial capitals (there was more than one).
Romano-British Settlements
A gazetteer of Romano-British cities, towns, villages, fortified road-stations, and tribal administrative centres.
Romano-British Towns
This page shows and compares the defensive outlines of many Romano-British towns, from the huge administrative capital Londinium to the tiny Posting Station at Iping in West Sussex.
Romano-British Gods
The Romans placed altarstones to thier gods almost anywhere, beside a stream in a lonely mountain glen, or next to a road crossing in the centre of a busy Roman town. This page details every pagan god and goddess worshipped in Roman-Britain, giving the location of every known altarstone dedicated to each deity.
Romano-British Altars
Many altarstones have been recovered over the years where the dedicatory inscription is missing or damaged. This page contains references to those altarstones where the name of the deity is not known.
Roman Temples of Britain
Sometimes a crude shrine is simply not enough. Sometimes the gods demanded a plush palace in which to be worshipped. This page lists the location of every purpose-built Roman Temple in Britain.
Romano-British Temples
The Romano-British temple represented a meeting of two cultures, the urban Roman and the rural Briton. These places of worship shared a distinctive ground plan with an array of differing superstructure styles.
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