British Tribal Coinage

The Inscribed Coins of the Coritani

Other British Tribes Issuing Coinage

Atrebates * Cantiaci * Trinovantes * Catuvellauni * Durotriges * Dobunni * Coritani * Iceni

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NameUnitObverseReverseCatalogue Refs.
AV stater-AVN COSTS.402, M.457, V.910, BMC.3258
AR unit-AVN COSTS.403, M.458, V.914, BMC.3261-6
AR ½ unit-AVN COSTS.404, V.918, BMC.3267/8
AV stater-IISVP RASVS.405, M.456b, V.920, BMC.3269
AR unit-IISVP RASVS.406, M.456c, V.924, BMC.3272/3
AV stater-VEPS.407, V.905, BMC.3274/5
AR unit-VEPS.408, V.963, BMC.3277-82
AR ½ unit-VEPS.409, M.464B, V.967, BMC.3283-95
AV stater-VEP CORFS.410, M.459/60, V.930/40/60, BMC.3296-3304
AR unit-VEP CORFS.411, M.460b/464, V.934/50, BMC.3305-14
AR unit-VEPOC [M]ESS.412, V.955
AR ½ unit-VEPOC [M]ESS.413, M.464a, V.938/58, BMC.3316-24
AV staterDVMN[OC]TIGIR SENOS.414, M.461, V.972, BMC.3325-7
AR unitDVMNOCTIGIR SENOS.415, M.462, V.974, BMC.3328/9
AV staterVOLISIOSDVMNOCOVEROSS.416, M.463a, V.978-80, BMC.3330/6
AR unitVOLISIOSDVMNOCOS.417, M.463a, V.980, BMC.3339
AR ½ unitVOLISIOSDVMNOCOS.418, M.465, V.984, BMC.3340/1
AV staterVOLISIOSDVMNOVELAVNOSS.419, M.466, V.988, BMC.3342/3
AR ½ unitVOLISIOSDVMNOVES.420, M.467, V.992, BMC.3344-6
AR ½ unitVOLISIOSCARTILEVS.421, M.468, V.994, BMC.3347/8
AR unitIAT ISOES.422, M.416, V.998, BMC.3349-51
AR unitCAT-S.422a, BMC.3352
AV staterLAT ISO[N]ISOS.423
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