British Tribal Coinage

The Inscribed Coins of South-East England

British Tribes Issuing Coinage

Atrebates * Cantiaci * Trinovantes * Catuvellauni * Durotriges * Dobunni * Coritani * Iceni

The only tribes in LPRIA Britain to issue coinage were those in the south-east part of the island. It is significant that the military aims of the first Roman governor of Britain, Aulus Plautius, would appear to encompass only these territories. Aside from the Iceni, who were at first allowed to govern themselves, all tribes who did not possess a monetary system were outside the scope of the Claudian invasion mandate; the aceramic and seemingly nomadic Cornovii of the West Midlands and Welsh Marches were later steamrollered by Plautius' successor in the post Ostorius Scapula in his rush to control the silver and copper mines in north Wales, the fractious and disorganised Dumnonii of the Devon and Cornwall peninsula had controlled the lucrative British tin trade for many centuries and were the obvious target for the early legionary fortress at Exeter, also the populous and powerful but somewhat backward Brigantes of northern England who were at first placated with diplomacy, later riven by internal dissent and annexed by Rome. These tribes, along with pastoral septs in Wales and the north-east, were gradually conquered over the following thirty years by later Roman Governors, until Agricola finally overran Anglesey and conquered Scotland during the late-70's/early-80's.

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