Hadrian's Wall - Guide

Vallum Hadriani - Itinerarium

The Notitia Dignitatum lists the garrisons on the wall from east to west, which seems also to be the case in the majority of modern works; RBO will not break with this tradition.

All places on this page are depicted on the Ordnance Survey Historical Map and Guide to Hadrian's Wall (Crown copyright 1986). The sites between the two horizontal bars in the following list are shown on the Ordnance Survey Outdoor Leisure map #43 Hadrian's Wall Haltwhistle & Hexham (Crown copyright 1997; revised 1998).

Tyne & Wear

ARBEIASouth ShieldsFort & Settlement; substantial Roman remains; site museum; full-size reconstruction of W gate.
SEGEDVNVMWallsendFort, Settlement & Temples; Heritage Centre on site; outline of fort marked-out.
PONS AELIVSNewcastleFort & Bridge; nothing remains to be seen; Museum of Antiquities - University of Newcastle lies 1 mile N of site.
The Mill Inn, Newcastle -rating 3/10
Beer: Cameron's, Hanson's, dray loads of Newcastle Brown Ale.
Food: No.
Accommodation: No.
Comments: On top of the hill about 1km east of Benwell. Kids welcome. Great atmosphere, though a trifle dangerous; when we were there five strapping Geordie policemen burst in and promptly arrested a chap who was playing pool in the bar. I was advised to move on quickly.
If you like life on the edge:
The Mill Inn, 413 Westgate Road, Newcastle.
The police station is only a couple of hundred yards further up the road.
CONDERCVMBenwellFort, Settlement, Temple & Bath House; temple of Antenociticus and vallum causeway visible.
Denton BurnClick to enlarge (?k)
First visible remains of the Wall.
Denton HallClick to enlarge (?k)
Visible remains of Turret 7b and a 100m stretch of Wall.
West DentonClick to enlarge (?k)
Further 100m stretch of Wall beside A69(T).
The Original Masons, Walbottle -rating 8/10
Beer: Newcastle LPA & Exhibition, McEwans. Guest beer when visited was 'Farne Island', OK.
Food: Very good restaurant menu, with ample portions, though a bit expensive.
Accommodation: No.
Comments: Kids welcome. A nice old pub with roomy, period interior, situated at the western end of Walbottle village overlooking the B6528 from the north.
The Original Masons, Hexham Road, Walbottle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE15 8JR
Telephone: 0191 267 5563
WalbottleClick to enlarge (109k)
The site of Milecastle 10, opposite Walbottle College,
in August, hidden beneath a healthy crop of wheat.


Heddon on the WallClick to enlarge (94k)
200m stretch of broad wall and Vallum.
VINDOBALARudchesterFort, Settlement & Temple; fort outline traceable; no visible remains.
Robin Hood Inn, East Wallhouses -rating 9/10
Robin Hood Inn
Beer: Calder's, Pedigree, Tetley, Speckled Hen.
Food: Bar meals served 12:00 - 14:30 and 19:30 - 21:00 weekdays, 12:00 - 10:30 Saturdays. Very good bar menu, reasonably priced; their hot sandwich baps seem very popular with the local customers.
Accommodation: No. But there is a B&B directly next door.
Comments: Kids welcome. A lovely old pub on the north side of the B6318, between the site of Turret 17b and Mile Castle 18, which is visible as a slight plateau in the fields past the pub on the south side of the road, which itself conceals the course of the Wall.
The Robin Hood Inn, Military Road, East Wallhouses, Northumberland, NE18 0LL
Telephone: 01434 672 273
A superb pub with good food, friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere - Highly Recommended!
Halton ShieldsClick to enlarge (141k)
For a couple of miles past the Robin Hood the ditch to the north of the Wall is hidden in trees and undergrowth, but here the ditch is clearly discernable at the crossing of a farmhouse wall (viewed looking back east).
Carr HillClick to enlarge (90k)
Walking along the southern mound of the vallum at Carr Hill, westwards towards Down Hill.
Down HillClick to enlarge (126k)
The view east towards Carr Hill and the marked change of alignment of the vallum, which then skirts around the southern side of Down Hill.
Halton Red HouseClick to enlarge (96k)
View from Down Hill overlooking the site of Mile Castle 21 from the east. There is a small quarry here, in the side of the hill on its western flank, close to the line of the Wall.
ONNVMHalton ChestersFort & Settlement; no visible remains.
Port GateMilecastle 22; start of 3 mile stretch of Vallum and ditch
Errington Arms, Stagshaw -rating 7/10
Beer: Tetley, Theakstone's, McEwan's & John Smith's.
Food: Good bar menu. Served 11:00 - 3:30 and 5:30 - 8:30, 6 days/week.
Accommodation: No.
Comments: Kids welcome. An old pub next to the Stagshaw roundabout just west of the Portgate, close to the site of Milecastle 22. There is an excellent aerial photograph of the inn looking west along the line of Hadrian's Wall, on display in the restaurant. Pub relies on passing trade.
Errington Arms, Port Gate, Dere Street, Stagshaw, Northumberland.
Telephone: unknown
CORSTOPITVMCorbridgeFort, Town, Temple, Mausoleum, Bridge & Marching Camp; Site Museum; 2¼ miles South of MC.22 at junction of Dere Street and the Stanegate. - unvisited
Unknown Pub, Stagshaw Bank, Dere Street; between MC.22 and Corbridge; site of ancient cattle fair. - unvisited
Whittington FellMilecastle 23
Wall FellMilecastle 24
St. Oswald's HillClick to enlarge (119k)
View from the site of turret 25a at St. Oswalds Hill, back eastwards along the ditch on the north side of the B6318.
Battle of Heavenfield - 635AD
Two hundred yards north of the Wall between the sites of turrets 25a and 25b, a battle was fought in 635AD between the Christian king Oswald of Northumbria and the pagan king Cadwallon of Wales.
PlanetreesWall; short section of narrow wall on broad base between sites of MC.26 and T.26a
BruntonTurret 26b; Milecastle 27; River North Tyne Roman bridge abutment, opposite Chesters
Brunton Water Mill - Guest House
Click here to visit their WebSite
Bed: Excellent! Full en-suite. TV remote. Coffee/Tea-making facilities.
Brekko: Various cereals, orange juice, full English breakfast, toast, tea/coffee. Ace!
Comments: My son Daniel and I stayed here during our August 2000 walk along the Wall, and I could not fault the place. Our bedroom faced south over the fields towards the Cilurnum bridge, which was unfortunately flooded out at the time. The photograph below was taken from the road just outside their driveway, which is only three hundred yards from the Brunton turret (26b).
An Ace Place! Get yerself down there!
Brunton Water Mill, Chollerford, Nr. Hexham, Northumberland NE46 4EL
Telephone: 01434 681 002
BruntonClick to enlarge (109k)
View south from Brunton Mill across the fields towards the site of Milecastle 27, and the Roman bridge over the North Tyne behind the trees on the right.
George Hotel, Chollerford Crossroads -rating 6/10
Beer: Boddingtons - served chilled.
Food: Table D'Hote Menu (�), A La Carte menu (�ish) and around �for a sarnie. The 70 space car-park is free, however.
Accommodation: You bet! Around �0/night.
Comments: In an outstanding location on the west bank of the River North Tyne about ½mile north of Milecastle 27, from the outside this place looks bloody marvellous.
If you got a head wallet so fat you need a 4x4 to drive over it,
this is just the place for you to go and flash some dosh around.
Swallow George Hotel, Chollerford, Northumberland, NE46 4EW
Telephone: 01434 681 611
Hadrian Hotel, Wall Village; 1 mile S of MC.27 - unvisited
CILVRNVMChestersFort, Settlement, Bath House, Bridge & Water Mill; Site Museum; many visible remains.
Tower TyeMilecastle 29; marching camp to SW; settlement.
Black CartsTurret 29a; broad wall and ditch.
Limestone CornerMilecastle 30; marching camp to S; most northerly point of wall.
BROCOLITIACarrawburghFort, Settlement & Temples; Coventina's Shrine; Temple of Mithras; fort outline visible but no internal buildings.
Brown MoorMilecastle 32; marching camp ½mile SE
Shield on the WallMilecastle 33
Fozy Mosssite of MC.34; 2 marching camps ¼mile S
SewingshieldsMilecastle 35
Sewingshields CragsTurret 35a
Kings HillMilecastle 36
VERCOVICIVMHousesteadsFort, Settlement, Temples & Quarries; best preserved site on the wall with many remains visible, both of the fort and its vicus.
Housesteads CragsMilecastle 37
VINDOLANDAChesterholmFort, Settlement & Bathhouse; Site Museum; full-size resconstruction of a wall section and a turret; 1 mile S of the Wall on the Stanegate.
Steel RiggMilecastle 39
Peelextra Turret 39ab between normally spaced turrets
Seatsidesmarching camps, 1 mile S of T.39ab
Unknown Pub, Once Brewed; halfway between camps at Seatsides and T.39ab
Windshields CragsMilecastle 40
Winshields Campsite; less than ½mile S of MC.40
MelkridgeMilecastle 41
Caw GapTurret 41a
Thorny DoorsTurret 41b
Hole GapMilecastle 42; fort and marching camps to S
Unknown Pub
AESICAGreat ChestersFort, Settlement, Bath-house, Aqueduct & Cemetaries; remains of the fort, settlement and bath-house are visible.
WalltownTurret 44b; marching camp 1 mile S on Haltwhistle Common
Walltown CragsMilecastle 45
Walltown WoodTurret 45a
MAGNISCarvoranFort & Settlement; Roman Army Museum; little of the fort survives though some remains are visible.
Unknown Pub, Greenhead
Greenhead Bank Campsite
Unknown Pub, Gilsland Crooks
GilslandMilecastle 48
Willowford PlantationTurret 48a; marching camp ¼mile SW
WillowfordTurret 48b; site of Roman bridge over River Irthing, ¼mile W


UnderheughMilecastle 49
BANNA?BirdoswaldFort & Settlement; Visitor Centre; many remains visible. [Not in Notitia Dignitatum]
Midgeholme MossTurret 49b
Tommy's CragTurret 51a
LeahillTurret 51b
Pike HillTurret 52a; Roman signal tower
CAMBOGLANNA?CastlesteadsFort, Settlement & Temple; many remains visible.
VXELODVNVMStanwixFort, Settlement & Bridge; mediaeval church in SW corner; few visible remains.
LVGVVALIVMCarlisleFort & Town; few Roman remains to be seen; the Tullie House Museum in Carlisle contains many finds from the western half of the wall. [NiND]
ABALLAVABurgh by SandsFort & Settlement; no remains visible; local church contains stones taken from wall.
CONCAVATADrumburghFort; no visible remains; nearby Drumburgh House made with wall stones.
MAIABowness on SolwayFort & Settlement; no visible remains. [NiND]