The Notitia Dignitatum

The Section on Hadrian's Wall

The Notitia Dignitatum was an official document of the early fifth century AD, which recorded every military and governmental post in the late Roman empire. The text lists the military titles of the officers, the units they commanded, and also the name of the fort they garrisoned.

The RBO Text

In the following extract the Latin text appears on the left with a translation and expansion on the right. Additions to the original text are highlighted and [enclosed in square brackets]. Place-names have also been rendered in bold type, but otherwise remain unaltered.

The Route Along the Line of the Wall

Notitia Dignitatum TextTogo's Translation & Lynx
Tribunus Cohortis Quartae Lingonum
Tribune of the Fourth Cohort of Lingones
at SEGEDVNVM (= Wallsend, Tyne & Wear)
Tribunus Cohortis Primae Cornoviorum
Ponte Aeli
Tribune of the First Cohort of Cornovii
at PONS AELIVS (= Newcastle, Tyne & Wear)
Praefectus Alae Primae Asturum
Prefect of the First Wing of Astures
at CONDERCVM (= Benwell, Tyne & Wear)
Tribunus Cohortis Primae Frixagorum
Tribune of the First Cohort of Frisiavones
at VINDOBALA (= Rudchester, Northumberland)
Praefectus Alae [Primus Pannoniorum] Savinianae
Prefect of the [First] Sabinian Wing [of Pannonians]
at ONNVM (= Halton, Northumberland)
Praefectus Alae Secundae Asturum
Prefect of the Second Wing of Astures
at CILVRNVM (= Chesters, Northumberland)
Tribunus Cohortis Primae Batavorum
Tribune of the First Cohort of Batavi
at BROCOLITIA (= Carrawburgh, Northumberland)
Tribunus Cohortis Primae Tungrorum
Tribune of the First Cohort of Tungri
at VERCOVICIVM (= Housesteads, Northumberland)
Tribunus Cohortis Quartae Gallorum
Tribune of the Fourth Cohort of Gauls
at VINDOLANDA (= Chesterholm, Northumberland)
Tribunus Cohortis Secundae¹ Asturum
Tribune of the Second¹ Cohort of Astures
at AESICA (= Great Chesters, Northumberland)
Tribunus Cohortis Secundae Dalmatarum
Tribune of the Second Cohort of Delmatians
at MAGNIS (= Carvoran, Northumberland)
Tribunus Cohortis Primae Aeliae Dacorum
Tribune of the First Aelian Cohort of Dacians
at CAMBOGLANNA? (= Birdoswald, Cumbria)
Praefectus Alae [Augustae Gallorum] Petrianae
Prefect of the [August] Petrian Wing [of Gauls]
at PETRIANVM? (?= Stanwix, Cumbria)
Praefectus Numeri Maurorum Aurelianorum
Prefect of Aurelian's Numerus of Mauri
at ABALLAVA (= Burgh by Sands, Cumbria)
Tribunus Cohortis Secundae Lingonum
Tribune of the Second Cohort of Lingones
at CONCAVATA (= Drumburgh, Cumbria)
Tribunus Cohortis Primae Hispanorum
Tribune of the First Spanish Cohort
at CASTRA EXPLORATORVM? (=? Netherby, Cumbria)
Tribunus Cohortis Secundae Thracum
Tribune of the Second Cohort of Thracians
at GABROSENTVM (= Moresby, Cumbria)
Tribunus Cohortis Primae Aeliae Classicae
Tribune of the First Cohort of the Aelian Fleet
at TVNNOCELLVM? (?= nr. mouth of R. Eden)
Tribunus Cohortis Primae Morinorum
Tribune of the First Cohort of Morini
at GLANNOVENTA (= Ravenglass, Cumbria)
Tribunus Cohortis Tertiae Nerviorum
[Tribune of the Third Cohort of Nervii
at ALAVNA (= Maryport, Cumbria)
Cuneus Armaturum²
The Cuneus of Sarmatians²
at BREMETENACVM (= Ribchester, Lancashire)
Praefectus Alae Primae Herculeae
Prefect of the First Herculean Wing
at OLENACVM? (?= Elslack, N. Yorkshire)
Tribunus Cohortis Sextae Nerviorum
Tribune of the Sixth Cohort of Nervii
at VIROSIDVM? (?= Brough by Bainbridge, N. Yorkshire)
  1. Cohors II Asturum were mistakenly assigned the numeral I in the N.D.
  2. It is assumed that the word Armaturum has been mistakenly substituted in place of Sarmatarum.

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