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Roman Military Campaigns

The Second Flavian Period (c.ad90-c.105)

The Withdrawal from Lowland Scotland

Following the withdrawal from the Highland borders around the Tay many other forts in lowland Scotland were decommissioned, and in the early 90's the northernmost frontier was delineated by a series of strongly held forts across the southern margins of the Cheviot Hills at Newstead, Oakwood, Milton, Dalswinton and Glenlochar.

Evidence for this period comes in the form of dateable pottery and structural remains. Newstead, Oakwood and Glenlochar exhibit two separate first-century structural phases. Milton went through at least two, possibly three phases of development during the first century. Dalswinton had perhaps as many as four separate first-century building phases. Late-first century samian ware has been unearthed at both Newstead and Dalswinton. Late-first century samian ware has been found at Castlecary, but no first-century structural remains have been discovered. As many as four first-century phases have been uncovered during excavations at the small fort on Loudoun Hill. The latest samian pottery from these forts was produced in the last decade of the first century which probably points to their being evacuated sometime about the turn of the second century.

Dispositions During Flavian Period II (c.90AD - c.105)

CORSTOPITVM (Corbridge, Northumberland)NY9864Large Fort
ALAVNA (Learchild, Northumberland)NU1011Large Fort
TRIMONTIVM (Newstead, Borders)NT5734Large Fort
Milton, Dumfries & GallowayNT0901Large Fort
Dalswinton, Dumfries & GallowayNX9384Large Fort
Glenlochar, Dumfries & GallowayNX7364Large Fort
BREMENIVM (High Rochester, Northumberland)NY8398Medium-Sized Fort
Broomholm, Dumfries & GallowayNY3781Medium-Sized Fort
Oakwood, BordersNT4224Medium-Sized Fort
Loudoun Hill (Strathclyde)NS6037Medium-Sized Fort
Cappuck, BordersNT6921Small Fort
Chew Green, NorthumberlandNT7808Fortlet
Castlecary, CentralNS7978Fortlet
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