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Cohors Primae Aquitanorum

The First Cohort of Aquitani

This auxiliary infantry regiment was originally recruited from among the Aquitanian tribes inhabiting the Bassin Aquitain, the Guyenne, and the Gascogne regions of south-western France. Their capital town was Burdigala on the Garumna Fluvius, now known as Bordeaux on the lower Garonne. The regiment had a nominal strength of five-hundred foot soldiers. They are thought to have formed the original garrison of the Carrawburgh fort on Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland. The regiment were withdrawn to the Pennines in the mid-second century, where the small size of their garrison fort at Brough on Noe suggests that as little as half the unit was actually stationed there and, this being the case, it is possible that another detachment of this unit may have been stationed at the, as yet undiscovered, fort sited nearby at Bakewell. They ended up in the Saxon Shore fort of Branodunum overlooking the Metaris Aestuarium on north-western coast of Norfolk.

Evidence for the Cohort in Britain

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