NGRef: TL7971
OSMap: LR144
Type: Minor Settlement

Ridgeway: WSW (28) to Dvroliponte (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire)
Ridgeway: SW (27) to Great Chesterford
E (9) to Ixworth
E (9) to Sitomagvs
NE (9) to Thetford

An ancient trackway led north-east to Thetford and Saham Toney, linking the Ridgeway with the Peddlars Way.

Substantial Roman buildings nearby at Icklingham (TL7872), and potteries at West Stow (TL7971).

Antonine itinerary: 5-6 ?Camborico

Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: CAMBORITVM"