NGRef: SJ5525
OSMap: LR126
Type: Minor Settlement

N (10) to Mediolanvm
S (10) to Viroconivm

The only classical reference for the Roman name of this settlement occurs in the Antonine Itinerary of the late-second century. Iter II of this work is entitled "the route from the Wall to Portus Ritupis", and details the somewhat circituous 501 mile journey from Hadrian's Wall to the Channel port of Richborough. In the middle of this itinerary is a station named Rutunium, located 12 miles from Mediolanum (Whitchurch, Shropshire) and 11 miles from Viroconium (Wroxeter, Shropshire).

Milestones from Moston Pool

"Imperator Caesar" "One-thousand paces"

(RIB 2247; milestone)

(RIB 2248; milestone)

The only piece of substantial evidence is a Roman milestone, which was found a little to the north of the suspected Rutunium settlement site, at Moston Pool (SJ5527). There may have been a native iron-age settlement on this site before the Romano-British era, but its position in fields frequently flooded is dubious.

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Antonine itinerary: 2-18 ?Rutunio

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