NGRef: SJ2421
OSMap: LR126
Type: Camp
None identified

Abertanat Camps A and B were discovered on aerial photographs taken in 1976 and confirmed by excavation since 1984. A further camp, dubbed Abertanat West, was discovered from the air in 1988. All of these military works are situated on the southern flood-plain of the River Tanat about ½ mile N of the camps at Clawdd Coch, discovered from the air in 1991.

Abertanat A - Camp
SJ248214 unknown unknown Only the NE corner-angle and about 295 ft. (c.90m) of the SE side of this camp has been recorded. The camp was defended by a timber-revetted rampart fronted by a 6 ft. (1.8m) wide ditch. A secondary entrance with titulus outwork lies near the angle. No estimate as to the original size of the camp can yet be made.
Abertanat B - Fort
SJ245208 unknown unknown Only the SE corner-angle and short lengths of the adjacent sides of this camp have been recorded. The camp had a 11 ft. (3.4m) wide gravel rampart, revetted in timber, fronted by a double V-shaped ditch syetem about 14½ ft. (4.4m) across. No estimate of the original size can be made, but the substantial defensive system suggests a camp which enclosed a considerable area.
Abertanat West - Camp
SJ243212 unknown unknown This camp is known only from it's SW corner-angle, 360 ft (110m) of the W side and 230 ft (70m) of the S side. Again, the original dimensions cannot be estimated.
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