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Sea Mills

Roman Building at Sea Mills
Lying at the junction of Roman Way with the Portway, this was possibly a workshop or an office in the Roman town of Abonae.
Iter XIV: ESE (8) to Traiectvs (Bitton nr. Willsbridge, Avon)

Situated near the mouth of the River Avon at the confluence with the River Trym, this major Romano-British settlement probably served the nearby spa town of Aquae Sulis (Bath) as its river-port. Five fragments of a limestone tombstone was found in 1873 at a site overlooking the railway station at Little Sneyd. The stone now resides in Bristol City Museum, the recorded visible text is shown and translated below.

The Sea Mills Roman Stone


"The expectations of Gaius Sentius ..."

(RIB 137; tombstone fragments)

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The Latin-English translation, including any inherent mistakes, is my own.

Roman Name

Antonine itinerary: 14-3 Abone

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