NGRef: SN8026
OSMap: LR160
Type: Camp
None identified
SN802263 1,610 x 1,225 ft
(491 x 373 m)
c.45¼ acres
(c.18.3 ha)
The complete circuit of this camp is known, and the rampart, with a width of around 12ft (3.7m), may still be traced on the ground. Gateways, both provided with internal clavicula defences, have been recorded in the S and E sides; of the other two gates, no trace has been found. This camp lies about 3½ miles SSW of the fortlet and marching camps at Y Pigwn.
See: Air Reconnaissance in Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. xlviii (1958) p.96;
The Roman Frontier in Wales by V.E. Nash-Williams (Cardiff 1969) p.124 & fig.66;

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