NGRef: SO6423
OSMap: LR162
Type: Major Settlement
N (22) to Blackwardine (Hereford & Worcester)
NW (17) to Magnis (Kenchester, Herefordshire)
Possible road: NE (6) to Dymock (Gloucestershire)
Iter XIII: SW (11) to Blestivm (Monmouth, Gwent)
ESE (13) to Glevvm (Gloucester, Gloucestershire)

This settlement was situated five miles east of the iron mines at Peterstow (SO5624) and eight miles north-east of iron mines at Whitchurch (SO5417) in the Monmouth Hills, a villa lay close to the latter site at Huntsham (SO5617).

Acting possibly as the local administrative center for the local mines in the area, this town would have been very prosperous.

The site was excavated by Warwick University assisted by the Hereford & Worcester County Council.

Roman Name

Ravenna Cosmography: Argistillum; Antonine itinerary: 13-4 Ariconio

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