NGRef: NY8496
OSMap: LR80
Type: Camp
NW (2) to Bremenivm (High Rochester, Northumberland)
SE (2) to Blakehope (Northumberland)
NY849965 515 x c.770 ft
(157 x c.235 m)
c.9 acres
(3.6 ha)
This camp is situated approximately equidistant from the forts at Bremenium (High Rochester) and Blakehope just (5m) to the E of Dere Street and aligned with the road. It is rhomboidal in shape. A number of gaps are visible in the defences, those placed centrally in the SE and NE sides are protected by external tituli. A well-marked road leads centrally along the length of the camp from the SE gateway to the NW defences but no gate is discernable here. A similarly sized annexe of 8½ acres (3.5 ha) is attached to the SE end of the camp. The Bagraw Burn passes close by the NE side of the camp and the gully in which it runs has destroyed part of the SE defences of the annexe. The modern A696 road passes obliquely across the W half of the annexe and the SW corner of the camp.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.
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