NGRef: NO6666
OSMap: LR45
Type: Camp
None identified
NO665666 c.2,785 x c.1,875 ft
(c.850 x c.570 m)
120 acres?
(48.5 ha?)
Discovered from the air in 1967 in Marykirk parish on the north bank of the River Esk near the confluence with the Lunan Water, this large, seemingly subrectangular camp is known from substantial lengths of three of its sides; there is a proven 2,185 ft. length of the NE side and a 1,400 ft. section of the SW, together with almost the entire NW side, that to the south-east remaining unlocated.

There are other camps in the "120-acre" series 14½ miles to the south-west at Oathlaw and 9 miles to the north-east at Kair House.

See: Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1965-1968 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. lix (1969) p.112.
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