NGRef: NS7075
OSMap: LR64
Type: Camp
None identified
NS707757 ? ft
(? m)
c.1½ acres
(c.0.5 ha)
A Roman marching camp is suspected just to the south-west of the Bar Hill fort. A single ditch observed from the air and investigated by the spade, was found to be V-shaped in section, about 6½ ft wide by 2¾ ft. deep (c.2 x 0.8 m). Although the complete outline has not been recorded, constrictions of topography suggest that the camp covered an area of no more than about 1½ acres (c.0.6 ha). The northern defences were proved by excavation in 1983 whereupon the remains of wooden tent-pegs were recovered from the ditch. It is possible that this site represents part of a labour-camp associated not with the Antonine barrier, but specifically with the construction of the Bar Hill fort itself.

Although the evidence for the Bar Hill camp is inconclusive, there is another marching camp close to the Wall nearby at Twechar (NS6975) and a Roman fortlet a little way south of the Wall at Mollins (NS7171).

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