NGRef: NJ3561
OSMap: LR28
Type: Camp
None identified
NJ355613 1,200 x 900? ft
(366 x 274? m)
c.24¾ acres?
(c.10 ha?)
Only the eastern defences of this camp survive, the west side having been eroded by the River Spey. The east side was sectioned in 1967 and was found to consist of a 975 ft. (297 m) length of defensive ditch with a Punic profile, 7 ft. wide and 3 ft. deep (2.1 x 0.9 m). The rampart was faced by a turf wall built upon a base of flat sandstone slabs about 2½ ft. (75 cm) wide. The ditches were allowed to silt-up naturally, indicating that the camp was simply abandoned.
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